Toddler Upset Because the Cheese is Not 'Stinky' Enough

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Nothing drives you to tears more than a toddler visible upset with tears streaming down his or her face. In this situation your emotions may turn into laughter after a toddler demands a stinkier cheese to be purchased.

(Video Below)

The "Stinky Cheese Toddler" video was posted to the Chris Cardio YouTube Channel and shows a toddler that gets very emotional over some stinky cheese.

"My son is a very picky eater. Picky as in, he has very refined taste," according to the caption of the video.

"He won't eat cheddar cheese and needs to have 'Stinky Cheese' and fancy crackers. This us a video of him crying in front of the Whole Foods cheese counter.

It went on for about 5 minutes.... I held up every cheese for him to sniff, but nothing was 'stink ENOUGH.'"

Oh the struggle of not being able to get the stinkiest cheese in the world is so real.

Some people have their fresh mozzarella and others have the stinky cheese. The real question here is, just how stinky does the cheese have to be before it passes the little guy's test? You can check out the video below.

Check out the "Stinky Cheese Toddler" below.