Today 'The Talk' Discusses Diane Warren's Remarks That Cher Hated 'If I Could Turn Back Time'

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The opening topic on today's episode of "The Talk" focused on Diane Warren's remarks when she said that pop-star Cher hated her hit song "If I Can Turn Back Time."

According to, Warren says that Cher exclaimed "'But she's got the wrong song!'" in her interview with THR. "The song she really hated was 'If I Could Turn Back Time,' but I held her leg down during a session and said, 'You have to record it!'"

Warren says that Cher's response was, "F-- you, bitch! You're hurting my leg! OK, I'll try it." Once Cher sang it, "She gave me this look like, 'You were right.'"

Warren also believed that Cher hasn't always been the best judge of her music according to the interview, mentioning the fact that Cher also hated 'I Got You Babe,' which was a duet with Sonny Bono.