T.J. Miller Talks Jennifer Aniston and 'Office Christmas Party' On The Ellen Show

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Actor T.J. Miller joined The Ellen Show for yet another one of his classic and comedic interviews. Yesterday, his Office Christmas Party co-star, Jennifer Aniston, visited the show and he had some wonderful things to say about her.

During Miller's interview with host Ellen DeGeneres, he raved about how she handled the results of the 2016 Presidential Elections.

He said it was raw and real emotion while not being divisive. He added that it was the perfect way to send her message with the perfect YouTube clip to match it.

Miller said that DeGeneres and Steve Martin are his biggest comedic influences and to see her go from her albums and shows to being able to speak to America is incredible. DeGeneres thanked Miller for his kind words and said he is her comedic influence.

The comedians took a dive into chatting about Office Christmas Party and Miller began rattling off the names of all of his co-stars.

In terms of Aniston, Miller said she puts him in a choke hold in the movie and she is a very strong woman. He said Aniston really made her gasp for air.

Meanwhile, DeGeneres revealed that Miller actually needed an IV while filming the movie. While Miller was performing "Let Me Clear My Throat" for the movie, he became very dehydrated from wearing a super hot Santa suit in Atlanta.

Miller said that was how hard he will work for America. You can check out T.J. Miller's interview from The Ellen Show in the video below. Office Christmas Party is set to hit theaters on December 9.

T.J. Miller Talks Jennifer Aniston and 'Office Christmas Party' On The Ellen Show