Timid Jester's Hilarious Take on Box of the Month Memberships

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In today's world retailers are trying all sorts of methods to get you to subscribe to their brands and more importantly buy their products. The Timid Jester YouTube Channel has taken this notion and turned it into a hilarious video.

(Video Below)

Brands like Frank and Oak and Birch box normally run promotions where they will send boxes with products and consumers can keep the ones they want and return the ones they don't. It's a clever retail ploy however, it won't work for any brand looking to operate in this manner.

Timid Jester pokes a little fun at the this entire process with their video titled "Jester Bits: Weapons of the Month." The video depicts two seemingly harmless females who dive into their "Weapons of the Month" box.

One of the characters is a bit annoyed by the other character's box until it's mentioned that it's a "Weapons of the Month" box. There are all sorts of crazy weapons in the box and things get a little strange when the female who ordered the box asks the initially uninterested female if she drank her Almond Milk.

With a table full of weapons one of the females dips out and has apparently called the cops leaving the Almond Milk thief in a pretty sticky situation. Check out the video below.

Jester Bits: Weapons of the Month (Box of the Month Parody)