'Timeless' Recap: 'Pilot,' Season 1, Premiere Episode

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Time travel, history, and a criminal mastermind ready to set fire to the timeline as we know it is the premise of NBC's new show, "Timeless." The premiere episode of the series launches with the a trip back to the historical hindenburg fire.

Karl, Lucy Preston, and Wyatt Logan chase the nefarious Garcia Flynn back in time to 1937. Flynn is trying to alter history starting with the Hindenburg disaster. A professor, soldier, and scientist are the unlikely trio sent to keep history intake.

Lucy is a professor. After class, she goes home to her mother who is in a coma and her sister, Amy. Flynn drives in with a van of people and a trusty guide book. They storm the building on the way to the time machine, shooting anyone who doesn't listen to them. They kidnap Anthony and steal the machine.

Lucy Preston is brought into Homeland security. She's put in a room with Wyatt Logan.

A detective comes in and escorts them to the scene of the crime where they watch a video of the time machine in action. Connor Mason, comes in to clarify and to show them to the prototype.

Lucy storms out when it's hinted that she will be one of the people to travel through time to stop Flynn. Mason talks Rufus into being the third passenger while the detective gets Lucy back on board. All three strap in and set off into the past.

They land and the Wyatt seems to be the only one who had a tough ride. In the sky, the Hindenburg flies over head.

Wyatt wants to know why they can't time travel to just before Flynn stole the ship. The

Rufus is uncomfortable with being a black man in the 30's. He had to sit in the back of the bus and now he has to stand outside of the pub while Wyatt and Lucy ask after Flynn.

Wyatt runs into a famous writer that reminds him of someone. He goes to talk to her but Lucy stops him from getting to familiar. Which is a good thing because today is her death day.

They make their way to the Hindenburg landing ground. Lucy tells an officer that they're from a hospital and that Flynn is an escaped patient. They split up in order to find Flynn faster. Wyatt becomes distracted by the reporter and misses when Lucy calls out to him when she's found Flynn.

He tries to save the reporter but the Hindenburg doesn't blow up. Lucy has followed Flynn into an airstrip. She's attacked by one of the men who came with Flynn. Wyatt kills him.

Wyatt finds a walkie on the dead man's body. Rufus goes to fiddle with it in order to track Flynn. Lucy yells at Wyatt from bringing an advanced gun into the past. The walkie turns out to be a balster cap.

Lucy begins to figure out that Flynn might want to blow up the ship as it leaves because there will be people crucial to the future on it. Wyatt finally tells Lucy why he's so invested in saving Kate.

It's because she looks like his dead wife whose death he blames himself for. Kate runs into Flynn as children are singing about the big bad wolf.

Wyatt comes up with an idea to escape. He asks Rufus to create a distraction. Rufus finally lets out all his pent up frustration about this time period.

The officer storms out in order to get his baton and friend. While he's gone, Wyatt uses the underwire in Lucy's bra to pick the lock to the cell's.

On the Hindenburg they run into Kate who shows them where she saw Flynn. Just as they find the bomb, the airship begins to lift off.

Wyatt works on defusing the bomb. Lucy and Rufus take knives to the pilots in order to get them to land. Flynn notices the ship landing. He spies someone climbing up the ropes.

Wyatt is attacked but he and Kate fend him off. Just as Wyatt stops the bomb, the attacker pulls out a gun and shoots.

The Hindenburg goes up in flames. Most of the people are able to get out though, because the ship was so close to the ground.

Flynn shows up to Lucy when she gets out. He tells her that the journal he's following was written by her. He instructs her to ask for the real reason she was asked to go on the mission.

Wyatt shows up. He and Flynn shoot at each other. Wyatt hits Flynn's arm and Flynn hits Kate, killing her. Flynn escapes into the crowd.

The trio goes back to the future. They find that only two people were killed in the explosion, Kate and an unnamed man. Lucy thinks Flynn is trying to kill America in its infancy. Rufus delivers a recording of the other two to Mason.

Lucy confronts Wyatt about almost shooting her. Rufus asks the girl from work out to dinner.

Lucy goes home to find that her mother is okay. However, Amy no longer exists and Lucy is engaged. She gets a call that Flynn is at it again.

The "Pilot" episode of "Timeless" sets up an interesting storyline.

It'll be interesting to see what effects each of the travelers will have on time and if they'll be able to keep most of it from changing too drastically.

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