'Timeless' Recap: 'Party at Castle Varlar,' Season 1, Episode 4

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It's time to step outside of American history on NBC's "Timeless." The trio will be taking their first trip to explore the history of another country.

They'll be visiting a well known era of German history in "Party at Castle Varlar," the fourth episode of the first season.

Lucy, Rufus, and Wyatt are heading to Nazi Germany. While searching for Flynn, the trio get stuck at a very uncomfortable party. While there, they meet the man who becomes known for his James Bond novels.

The mothership has been tracked within a block of its position. The team closes in as Anthony is working with the nuclear core. They're able to get away just as the team busts in. Rufus has tracks down the location of the ship in time.

Wyatt speaks German, along with four other languages, which will be helpful since they're gearing up to go to 1944's Germany. Lucy still can not buckle herself into the time ship.

They land right behind a German soldier. Wyatt shoots him and proceeds to shoot another guard they come across. They must hide as the unarmed warhead is driven by.

Rufus is sent out for a car in case Lucy and Wyatt are met with hostility in the bar. It seems her hunch on what drink to get was wrong. A captain comes up to them and tells them exit through the rear. When they get to a safe distance he reveals that he's a British MI6 agent named Ian Fleming.

They move to a more secure location, Ian's house, and share information. Rufus and Wyatt are going to try to dismantle the bomb but when the core isn't inside.

The sound of approaching cars makes them duck for cover. Flynn gets out.

Wyatt aims at Flynn. He's shot is blocked by another man. Lucy stops him from attempting the shot because the man is von Braun. Lucy's getting ready for the party, Nazi pin included.

She starts panicking. Wyatt comes in and offers an ear.

She's had a near death experience drowning in a car and doesn't like to be in situations she can't control. Wyatt shares his own story behind why he keeps fighting. It's to make his grandpa proud.

Ian and Lucy enter the party. Rufus and Wyatt make their way back to the bomb, somebody still has no regard for excessive killing. Ian shares his spy origin story. Braun is spotted. As she's making her way to him, Flynn grabs her.

He doesn't want to kill the engineer. He just wants to give him to the Russian's instead.

Flynn outs Ian as a spy. He and Lucy are captured. Rufus rigs the bomb to explode before it even leaves the launch pad.

Braun gets lost in the chaos the explosion excites. When their guards are distracted Ian pulls out his hidden wrist gun. Lucy grabs Braun but Flynn spots them. They get trapped in a room.

Lucy finds a secret tunnel that allows them to escape. Rufus asks Braun if he thinks about all the people he's hurt because he's feeling guilty for the time machine.

Braun makes the point that Rufus didn't worry about that while making it or he wouldn't have. The trio says goodbye to Ian.

Back in the present, Wyatt is excited to find out there's a new bond movie he hasn't seen. Anthony has used the nuclear core to make a battery for the time machine that will last 300 years. Rufus tells Mason that he can't record the missions anymore.

Which has probably put Mason's life in danger with Rittenhouse. Lucy demands that if they want her to work for them they'll find a way to get her sister back.

While driving home, Rufus' car is stopped. A man from Rittenhouse gets out to threaten him so he'll continue to record the mission.

"Party at Castle Varlar" was another jump to the past with very little success in the intended mission and then returning to find the present distorted.

At least "Timeless" keeps being a marvel of historical eras, hopefully the willingness to set it in other countries will add more to the story. Keep watching to find out, Mondays at 10pm, and check out extra bits here.

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