'Timeless' Recap: 'Atomic City,' Season 1, Episode 3

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The crew of NBC's "Timeless" takes a trip back to the 60s and to Las Vegas no less. The trio will have some startling revelations in "Atomic City" the third episode of the first season.

Lucy, and the boys travel to 1962's Las Vegas and end up on the run with JFK's rumoured mistress. Rufus meets up with a person from his past.

Wyatt tries to alter his own history. The trio discovers Flynn's plan threatens more than human life.

"Atomic City" was a fun episode of "Timeless." Secrets were revealed but some more important ones are still hidden. Find out what comes to light next Monday at 10pm and check out extras here.

Lucy is trying to figuring to learn her current timeline. She's saved by the phone call from work so that she doesn't have to sleep with her fiance. Malcolm calls Rufus into his office in order to question him about the night Anthony was taken. He believes that he was a mole who allowed Flynn to take the time machine.

Rufus doesn't agree. He sees Anthony as the victim.

The team must go to Las Vegas in 1962 because they think Flynn is going to try to assassinate JFK a year early. The president is in an hotel suite with his mistress.

They land in the dessert and make the trek into the city. Wyatt and Lucy argue about how to get to JFK since the tickets to the show are sold out. Rufus is able to sneak into the back and snatch them a few waiters outfits. Lucy gets hit on by one of the patrons, the mistress helps her. Rufus spots Anthony wandering to the bar. It seems that Malcolm was right.

He warns Rufus to run. Wyatt spots Flynn in the crowd and goes after him. Flynn has lured the mistress away from the show.

Wyatt continues to follow them. In the midst of their fight the mistress is able to get away but she immediately runs into Lucy and Rufus. They escort her into a hotel room in order to keep her safe.

On the outskirts of time, Flynn meets up with Anthony. He's upset that they were able to find their location when Anthony told him they'd only be able to track the time. Flynn wants to Rufus but settles for focusing on getting Judith back. Lucy starts to connect with Judith over waking up in completely different lives.

Rufus tells Wyatt what he was told by his old mentor. He goes to look for Christy Pitt.

Wyatt plans to ambush Flynn by bringing Judith back to her hotel room. Lucy is against the plan but he won't listen to her objections.

Judith is standing in front of her hotel window in order to allow Flynn to catch a glimpse of her. Wyatt keeps assuring her that the plan is a safe one but she's not buying it. No leads on Christy Pitt. Judith knocks Wyatt out and tries to run away but runs straight into Flynn. She agrees to go with him.

He needs her to steal a set of keys off of the general. Judith trades the keys for the pictures of her and JKF. Wyatt gets the people at the hotel to write a note to his dead wife begging her to go home with him on the night she's supposed to die.

Lucy catches him. She doesn't scold him though. Rufus has figured out that Flynn is going after the core of the atomic bomb.

Anthony has successfully removed the core. The trio thinks he wants to blow it up while in the middle of a time jump. They steal a car and play a rousing game of chicken with Flynn. He ends up swerving off the road.

Wyatt engages in a gunfight as Rufus gets the bomb and Lucy gets Judith. He tries to shoot Anthony as they're driving away but Rufus get in his way.

They part ways with Judith and Rufus realizes that the bomb cases were switched. Flynn is still in ownership of the bomb.

The trio arrives back to the present. Wyatt is ordered to take Anthony out the next time their paths cross. Jiya is asked to track the mother-ship in the present. Wyatt learns that his note still didn't save his wife's life.

Lucy breaks off her engagement with the stranger. Rufus thanks his teammate for not rating him out. Jiya is able to track the ship. In the present, Flynn goes back for the core.