'Timeless' Recap: 'The Assassination of Abraham Lincoln,' Season 1, Episode 2

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It's time for another trip through history with NBC's "Timeless." This time the are sent to the days when Abraham Lincoln was president in "The Assassination of Abraham Lincoln," the second episode of the first season.

While trying to track Garcia Flynn though time, they find he's connected to John Wilkes Booth. Lucy, Wyatt, and Rufus waste no time following him to the night of Lincoln's assassination.

The trio thinks about changing history. Lucy is still affected by erasing her sister from existence.

Lucy tries to rush out of the house but her mom stops her to make sure she's alright. Lucy asks Rufus and Wyatt if anything has changed in their lives. If there is, neither of them has noticed. Lucy tries to demand that the timeline be fixed but there's no time.

While helping her get dressed, the tech girl offers to figure out what went wrong in her timeline. Rufus goes to Marcus for the recording device for this mission.

All dressed up, the trio heads out. Sexual tension rises when Wyatt helps her buckle in. He promises to help her fix it.

The arrive to fireworks in the sky, celebrating the end of the civil war. Garcia finds Booth to offer his assistance. Lucy directs them to where she knows Booth will show up. They end up standing in front of the theater. Wyatt thinks it's a good idea to leave Rufus outside while he and Lucy go check inside. A group of colored soldiers ask Rufus to write them notices in order to help find their families.

Lincoln's son sneaks up on Lucy while she's snooping. She says that she works in the theater. He only wants to return his tickets for the night.

Rufus is chased away after they figure out he's not a real soldiers. Booth finally shows up. He exchanges pleasantries with Lincoln's son.

The trio follows Booth to the conspirators secret meeting. Rufus and Wyatt think they should save Lincoln's life. Garcia spots them. He starts shooting. One catches Wyatt in the side but they're able to get away. Lucy believes that Garcia is going to make sure that the three other assassination's are followed through.

Rufus must perform surgery on Wyatt to take the bullet out. She gets to the train, to find that the train is broken. The general and Lincoln's son are now going to the play.

His son asks her to see the play. She agrees. Garcia comes out of the shadow's to warn her not to get in his way.

Surgery was successful. Lucy returns after a detour to buy a fancy dress with a new plan to make sure only Lincoln dies. Wyatt and Rufus start guilt tripping her to save Lincoln's life via her sister's absence. Garcia tries to get Booth to use his modern gun but Booth finds his knife more dramatic.

Lincoln arrives late to the play. Lucy meets her long time idol, it's going to be hard to let him die. Rufus and Wyatt are getting ready when Rufus decides to share a part of his past because he's scared.

Lucy gets up for a drink. She dumps it on the general in order to make him leave. Wyatt kills the guy who is trying to kill the secretary. Garcia jumps Booth outside of the theater. He knocks him out when Booth refuses to take his modern gun.

As Rufus tries to stop his target, the black soldier from earlier stops him. He manages to break away just in time hit the assassin so he misses. Garcia bursts in and shoots Lincoln.

Before he can kill anyone else Lucy stops him. Garcia is forced to flee when a struggle ensues.

Lucy has a touching goodbye with Robert. Feelings blossomed there pretty quickly. Rufus tells the soldier to go north after he's found his family instead of south. The trio returns to the present. Booth's name is no longer attached to the killing of Lincoln, just the Lucy finds out that the reason her sister doesn't exist is because her parents never met.

It also leads to the revelation that her father was never really her father. Rufus tries to get out of doing the recording but Marcus blackmails him into continuing. Lucy comes home to her engagement party.

She tries to ask about her father but her mother is not having it. Her fiance makes his appearance.

"The Assassination of Abraham Lincoln" was another interesting look into what might have been.

"Timeless" seems ready to keep throwing us into history's most defining moments. Keep watching to see if the trip can ever set the timeline right and if you missed the premiere check it out here.