Tig Notaro Gifts Ellen DeGeneres A Hilarious Standup Routine For Her Birthday

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Ellen DeGeneres welcomed Tig Notaro back to The Ellen Show to help her celebrate her birthday.

Notaro took to the stage and carried out one of the funniest standup routines to hit the show. That's saying a lot given DeGeneres is one of the funniest comedians on the planet.

Notaro's straight-faced humor came shining through within the first line of her act and you could tell this one was going to be special.

The One Mississippi star joked about trying to get more politically involved by showing up to ever rally with a sign reading, "yeah totally." She continued her act by chatting about her two new born babies and her wife.

The camera panned over to DeGeneres at the height of some of the jokes and you could see the joy on her face. DeGeneres truly seemed to appreciate the humor that Notaro brought to the show.

If you want to see Notaro's conversation with a cat and more in The Ellen Show video below.

Tig Notaro's Standup For Ellen DeGeneres' Birthday Show