T.I. Plays A Really Stupid Joke On His Fans, PR Stunt For 'Paperwork'

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T.I. is the head of Hustle Gang and he fits the role well.

(Video Below)

It seems that T.I. tried to play a quick joke on some of his fans in a publicity stunt for his new album, "Paperwork," which is slated for release on October 21. The publicity stunt in question was a video posted to YouTube, which involved the store Foot Action, was really a poor excuse for a joke on his fans. To sum it up, T.I. set up a contest and pick a few "lucky" contestants to win a free "styling by T.I." In the video T.I. goes around the store picking out clothing items for the winners and quickly racking up a $10,000+ bill. However, when the contest winners reach the cash register T.I. is nowhere to found, which sets the winners up to be stuck paying the bill. The entire video can be seen below.

The problem here is that its painfully obvious from the get go that the contest winners are going to be stuck with the bill.

Its also in bad taste putting them in that situation, most people cannot afford to spend $10,000 and it really illustrates a lack of creativity in T.I.'s PR camp.

Hustle Gang should take a cue from Justin Beiber when it comes to pulling pranks.

Watch T.I.'s joke: