Three WWE Wrestlers Have Now Been Released From The Company

The WWE has now come to an agreement to release three wrestlers from their company today. The wrestlers that are leaving WWE include the likes of Hideo Itami, Tye Dillinger and TJP.

Hideo Itami let it be known a few weeks ago that he asked for his release from the company. The Japanese star was stuck on 205 Live and did nothing really interesting during his short WWE career.

Hideo Itami had a string of bad luck because he kept getting injured when he was an NXT Superstar. Things did not turn out well for him as everyone else overtook his position in the company.

Hideo Itami is more than likely going to adopt his original KENTA name in the indies. He'll probably be happier now leaving WWE.

As for Tye Dillinger, he too asked for his release after spending months on the WWE main roster. Dillinger was a member of the Smackdown Live roster, but never really appeared on television that much.

As for Dillinger's future, there's speculation already that he might be heading to All Elite Wrestling (AEW). We won't know for sure until 90 days after the release of Dillinger though.

Lastly, the final unhappy WWE Superstar released from the company is TJ Perkins. TJP was the first modern day Cruiserweight Champion, but did nothing noteworthy after he dropped the title over two years ago.

Much like Itami, TJP was stuck with no direction on the 205 Live roster. With his release, he can now work on the independent scene to become a bigger star than he is now.

It's being reported that TJP did not ask for his release, so it sounds like WWE let him go on their own.

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