These Vampires Don't Glitter....The Strain

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Just another Vampire series? Or something more.....

At first look, The Strain comes off as just another Vampire spin-off trying oh so hard to reach an audience that quite frankly has seen it all. As skeptical as I was going into the series, I was pleasantly surprised.

It's not the vampire element that makes this stand out from the rest.

It's the very real threat of a highly contagious virus.

Not the runny nose, "I hope I have time to make it to the bathroom" kind but the "Honey you better take the kids to your sister's because I might eviscerate them" kind.

Director Guillermo Del Toro made sure to play up the humanity of the show to make us think "what if" this really happened? Could we, if necessary decapitate our loved ones with a silver blade......or subdue them with a nail gun equipped with silver nails? That's right, who needs wooden stakes when Black & Decker can get the job done?
In the latest episode the @#!^ hit the fan when the CDC realizes this is not a virus that can be contained, it must be destroyed.

Eph and longtime vampire hunter Abraham begin to hunt down the survivors of the doomed flight. Before this virus engulfs all of New York City, Eph and Abraham prepare to do whatever necessary to control the situation.

Next week's episode Eph's mission to rid the city of the virus is thwarted by the FBI as he's taken in for the murders of the infected.

Eph pleads with ex-wife Kelly to leave the city with their son Zack as the outbreak gets out of control. Something else is on its way that could just be the beginning of the end; an Eclipse.

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