Is There a Wale V.S. Meek Mill Beef or Brotherly Misunderstanding?

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There has always been a bit of a separation when it comes to Meek Mill and Wale but yesterday things got a little too real for the MMG artists.

Wale made a few comments regarding the Meek Mill V.S. Drake beef and Mill had some choice words for his MMG comrade.

Wale told the Power 105.1 Breakfast Club crew that he didn't think it was a good thing that Mill was doing when he went at Drake on Twitter.

Wale also said that he called Mill since the Drake beef and Mill did not answer his calls.

He didn't think it was the right decision to make and stated, "I honestly thought he brought a pencil to a gun fight."

"He didn't bring a knife, a pencil. Like, a piece of paper, he tried to paper-cut him to death. You can't compete with somebody who got them types of relationships," he continued.

Following the remarks, Mill proceeded to air Wale out "on social media again," according to a HotNewHipHop report.

As if that wasn't enough, there has also been footage of Mill rapping over Drake's "Back to Back" diss that solidified Drake as the winner of the beef.

If Mill is going to try to respond to both Drake and Wale on that track it would be interesting to see who takes what side. Rick Ross posted a video of Wale performing last night and urged fans never to question the empire that is MMG.

It's unclear whether or not Ross was trying to infer that he has resolved the internal disagreement between Wale and Mill or whether he is trying to support Wale even after his words on The Breakfast Club morning show.

It all seems as if there is a lot of uncertainty within the camp, that being said it could all be a brotherly misunderstanding that will be quickly resolved.

As for the Meek Mill "Back to Back" verse, a little part of fans may want him to release it to see if Drake will follow with "3Peat."