There is an Official Video to the 'Why You Always Lying' Viral Hit

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The "Why You Always Lying" viral sensation from Nicholas Fraser now has a full length music video and it's just as hilarious as the original Vine.

(Video Below)

The Vine below took the internet by storm. Nicholas Fraser was interviewed by notable media sites like Complex and the popular viral hit was even translated into different languages.

With the new full length music video for "Why You Always Lying," Fraser has solidified himself as a viral legend.

What makes it so catchy? Is it the realness behind the lyrics? The hilarious way it's performed? The way Fraser encompasses the 90's classic? Or most importantly the "mmmmmohmygod" pronunciation that seems to be the punchline of the Vine? It's just flat out hilarious and the fact that Fraser went as far as to create a music video for the song just shows his dedication to the joke.

You can check out the hilarious music video below and let us know in the comments why you think the "Why You Always Lying" video has been a success.

Watch the official "Why You Always Lying" video below.