The Tanning of America - One Nation Under Hip-Hop

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Just the other day I was told that I should watch a certain program that had to do with hip-hop.

The program is four parts, and is titled "The Tanning of America". I was already drawn in. I watched part one like a school boy who hadn't heard about hip-hop before, and hung on to every word. "The Tanning of America" is hosted by Steve Stoute, who is responsible for huge business deals with Nas, so hearing anything from him about hip-hop is definitely worth listening to. The first part started at the very basis of hip-hop: the foundation, were it all started, and how no one had an idea of where it would go.
The movie continued as history lesson.

I have followed hip-hop closely all throughout my life but there were certain things that I was learning and I was loving the movie as I went along deeper into it. Steve Stoute took us through stories including The Central Park Five, LL Cool J vs The Gap, along with many others.

Diddy even made an appearance in the program.
I thoroughly enjoyed this movie and I recommend it for anyone who wants to learn more about the genre of hip-hop, the culture and how much effect it has on our world.

In the end, I was almost to tears thinking about proud I am of hip-hop and its growth. Whenever you have time, give this movie a try.