'Texts From Your Ex' Is Blowing Up On Instagram

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Breakups can leave some bad blood between people, usually in the form of text messages.

Everybody has had a bad breakup or two in their time and they can definitely be rough.

The worst ones are text message break ups that have you or your newest ex furiously smashing touch screen buttons in an effort to demoralize the other person and simultaneously have the last word. Yeah, those are definitely the worst.

However, if you didn't have enough reasons to worry about what your ex was saying about you behind your back, now you also have to worry about them getting their fifteen seconds of fame by using some of the convos (arguments) you both had which they managed not to delete in a fit of rage. A new Instagram account called "Texts From Your Ex," is going viral as people have been sending the account owner text messages that show some pretty outrageous things.

Luckily, the account owner has decided to take the safe route and blur out the contact names in the texts, however, it may still bother some people to know that something they said over a year ago may wind up going viral.

Below are some of the funniest posts we found on the account, check them out:

*Warning* Some posts may contain vulgar language.