Ten Second Songs Covers Justin Bieber's 'Sorry' in 20 Different Styles

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If you've ever seen one of Anthony Vincent's Ten Second Songs covers, you know that he is pretty incredible at what he does.

This time, Vincent takes on Justin Bieber's chart topping hit "Sorry" and completes the songs in styles of artists like Hanson and Nickleback.

Vincent prefaced the video by saying he asked his fans who they thought the greatest artists of all time were and he used a list of twenty artists to cover Bieber's sorry. Vincent started his cover out as Bieber and did a pretty good job.

Then things got a little wild as Nickleback and Hanson were the two other artists to follow.

If that wasn't strange enough, Vincent threw a little Michael Bolton, Ricky Martin and Kiss in to the mix.

He is honestly one of the best vocal imitators on YouTube and really seems to pay attention to certain distinct tones or quirks in each of the singer's or rapper's in the case Ja Rule, voice.

The list continues with U2, Sisqo, Five Finger Death Punch, Daviad Hasselhoff, Culture Club, Limp Bizkit, Baha Men, Set The Charge, Kanye West, Village People, Creed, Milli Vanilli and Selena Gomez for the finale. Check out the awesome video below and look for more 10 Second Covers on Vincent's YouTube Channel.

Ten Second Covers "Sorry" by Justin Bieber

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