'Teen Wolf's' Tyler Posey Instagrams Touching Message To His Father

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The leading actor of Teen Wolf, Tyler Posey, has recently been very active on social media. Today, Posey Instagramed an old photo of his father, John Posey, and himself with a lovely and inspiring message.

Yesterday, he spent tweeting about the JED Foundation gala in his support for mental health awareness.

The picture must have been before or after going rock climbing because both father and son are still harnessed, Posey even playing with a carabiner. Posey is significantly younger and by the confused look on his face probably didn't even know the picture was being taken.

His father is standing next to him with the same face, though. Posey than wrote a paragraph thanking his father and admitting how proud he is of all that they've accomplished with the help of each other.

"Love your parents. Love your family. Be their anchor. You'll always be their 'baby.'"

Posey's father, also an actor, has been a sort of reoccurring character in his son's show, Teen Wolf. The character he played was Dr. Conrad Fenris.

Dr. Fenris is the guy in season one who pulls the wolfsbane from Jackson's neck.

He then reprises the role in the webseries because he's an ex-werewolf researcher that Scott and Stiles search out in order to get more information on a cure.

Since then, he's only come back once during season four in the episode "A Promise to The Dead."