'Teen Wolf's' Tyler Posey Geeks Out Over Playboy's Jenna Jameson Following Him On Twitter

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Many fans aren't able to tell who their celebrity crushes celebrity crush is well, Tyler Posey makes one of his known to his fans and followers by tweeting out his excitement after Jenna Jameson began following him.

Jameson is one of the most famous Playboy models out of Hugh Hefner's arsenal of beautiful naked women while Posey, is the star of one of MTV's biggest hit television shows "Teen Wolf." It looks like Posey has been a long time fan of Jameson as his tweet hints to a 14-year-old's crush or well something else behind closed doors alluded by a tweet from one of Posey's 1.59 million followers.

Posey has fulfilled a boyhood dream of his, well, sort of, but it looks like Jameson was just as happy to follow Posey tweeting out her own response that read "Finally!" followed by a series of heart-eyed emojis.

While Posey says he's going to flirt with her we're all sure it's all in good fun but Posey is single after his split with Seana Gorlick so who knows what can happen.

Meanwhile, the "Teen Wolf" cast and crew are heavily into the filming of the fifth season scheduled to premiere on June 29.

You probably shouldn't expect a guest appearance from Jameson, however season five is teasing some pretty serious action and new villains that will send the pack over the edge trying to protect each other. Check out the villains trailer below.