Teen Wolf 'Weaponized' Recap, Season 4 Episode 7, The Mysterious Outbreak

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In "Weaponized," the pack has their hands full as a mysterious outbreak hits Beacon Hills High.

Scott, Stiles, Malia, Kira, Lydia and the rest of the pack are not faced with one of the most difficult tasks to help those who suffer from it.

The seventh episode of "Teen Wolf" starts out in a lab where a scientist is experimenting on another werewolf. The scientist appears to be one of the assassins who is going after the money from the benefactor. Scott and Stiles play the tape that fell out of the bag with the money and it seems to be instructions to any assassin who is going into the competition. Then then discuss the money which amounts to $500,000 and Scott says that they need to contact Derek but not Peter.

Malia walks in on the two who rush to hide the money and tells them that they sound Satomis' pack and that they were all dead. Braeden appears to have been shot as Derek rushes through the doors of the hospital carrying her in his arms.

In even more of a twist Satomi is battling or training with Dr. Deaton in a dark alley.

Back at Beacon Hills High, Malia is nervous about the upcoming PSAT's and the three of them prepare to survive at least three hours without something going wrong. Things get even more difficult as they are forced to give up their cell phones.

The scientist assassin is one of the teachers that is proctoring the exam and the biology teacher tries to find coach who is to be the second one.

Coach is suffering from some kind of health issue that the bio teacher thinks is due to alcohol.

The exam begins and the pack seem to be having a harder time with the test than the battles they have been facing week to week.

The The first instance of sickness strikes. Sydney, one of the students begins to become sick and appears to have a rash. The biology teacher seems to have picked up on what is going on and rushes back to check on coach to see if he has the same rash.

She raises the back of his shirt up and sees the rash. She immediately stops anymore students from coming into the school and contacts the Center For Disease Control.

The CDC arrives and brings in all of the quarantine equipment they need to put the school on lockdown. The sheriff also arrives outside and asks the CDC about the situation. Malia and Stiles are talking about the situation and while trying to get his cell phone from the assassin who is posing as a proctor, he is told that they cannot have outside contact.

Satomi begins to inform Dr. Deaton about the epidemic that affected her pack and he believes he knows what might be going on.

Derek and Braeden are back at the hospital and Scotts mom tells Derek that Braeden needs to wake up. She does wake up and tells them that the pack in the woods was infected not poisoned.

It even seems as if Scott is experiencing the side effects of the infection as well.

Lydia is back at her lake house in the room where she received information from the record player. She finds a mysterious plant and a teddy bear and places them next to each other. She then proceeds to start up the record player in attempt to contact Meredith from the other side. Lydia did not make it for the PSAT's and she is pleading with the record player for help.

She then says that what she really wanted to say was that she is sorry she couldn't help her. She stops the record and finds a picture of Meredith standing somewhere in the room at the bottom of the box.

Scott tells Kira's dad to get Stiles when he finds Scott in the hallway suffering from the infection.

Malia approaches Kira about Scott and Stiles about their secretive tendencies and Malia also has some knowledge about the bag underneath Scott's bed.

Kira then get's a vaccination that causes her discomfort. Both Scotts' dad and Stiles' dad know that something else is going on. Scott then begins to gibe Stiles instructions telling them they need somewhere safe to move to. The entire pack begins to brainstorm a way to get to the vault and Kira finds out that the infection is affecting her neurologically. They head down the stairs looking for the symbol to point them in the right direction of the vault.

However, it takes a turn when Scott can't gain control to open the doorway. Malia tells them that she will help them open the door if they tell her what they know.

Thinking that it was something to do with the money they were hiding, they begin to worry, but she just wanted to know how much she was worth on the list ($4 Million).

She manages to open the door and they stand in the doorway of the vault.

This episode is so much more fast paced than "Teen Wolf" fans will be used to because there are so many things going on.

At this point things can become very confusing and it seems like it is only going to get more confusing until the episode reaches the end, which is normally when clarity sets in.

Back at the hospital one of Satomi's pack is suffering from the disease and the realization begins to set in on Scotts' mom that it is happening at the school. Satomi's member dies and Stiles, Kira, Malia and Scott sit in the vault discussing the money, rather the money problems that their parents are having. Lydia arrives at the school and the sheriff stops her from going into the school. Scott and Stiles think about telling Malia that Peter is her father not Mr.

Tate, but Stiles fears that she will leave if she finds out. Scott is in rough shape and his fingertips begin bleeding black, as Dr.

Deaton and Scotts' mom figure out what is going on, Dr. Deaton says that the kids will die without the antidote.

Clearly Scott and Stiles need to remain sane even when they are suffering from the infection. Malia is woken up by Stiles and she is not doing well, Stiles tells her that he is going to leave for a few and he tells her he is going to look for the other assassin.

He tells her he will never leave her behind after she asks him if she is coming back and she is very reluctant to see him go.

Stiles is the only one who appears to be less affected by the disease than others.

Derek is making sure Braeden is okay and he is finally united with Satomi. Lydia and the Sheriff try to figure out what is going on and Lydia tells him she knows that someone in the school is going to die. Dr. Deaton tells Derek and Satomi that the disease has been strengthened and he wants to know if Satomi is immune.

Stiles begins to make sense of it all little by little. Satomi, Derek, Dr.

Deaton and Scotts' mom are trying to figure out the cure and Satomi's tea proves to be the answer to their prayers.

Malia reaches into Stiles' pocket and finds the letter, however, she loses her sense of sight and Scotts' begins to fade as well.

A frantic Stiles searches for a clue and realizes that the finger prints they took before the test just so happen to be the trigger of the disease. He also realizes that the assassin is the proctor who also shows up in the doorway and tells Stiles that he is looking for the rest of the pack. Back at the school, it appears as if everyone is feeling better and Dr. Deatons cure is working.

Kira loses her vision along with Malia and the assassin tells Stiles that humans will get better but the disease is deadly to werewolves. The assassin says he is going to count to three and then kill Stiles.

Is this how it ends? Nope Scotts' dad puts a bullet right through the assassins head as he is about to kill Stiles and saves him. He then gives instructions to Stiles on how to save the others.

Satomi is attacked by an assassin but manages to kill her. Stiles rushes to the aid of his friends and tells them what the cure is and he is frantic because his friends cannot hear him. He feels helpless and falls to the floor but Kira hears and yells to Scott who is fading.

Somehow Scott taps into his alpha senses and finds the mushrooms that will help him and Kira and Malia. He reaches for them breaks the jar and it sprays everywhere, Stiles thinks he is too late but the door opens, and his friends come out of the vault alive.

Sheriff Stinlinski enters to school and Lydia runs right to her mom (the bio teacher).

Malia has apparently read the list and saw that her last name was Hale and she knows that everyone was lying to her about her real dad.

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