'Teen Wolf' V.S. 'The Originals': Daniel Sharman & Crystal Reed Or Danielle Campbell?

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Actor Daniel Sharman has made one heck of jump moving from one supernatural Television thriller to the next as he move from MTV's "Teen Wolf" to The CW's "The Originals," but which of his love interests best suit Sharman?

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Danielle Campbell plays Davina the masterful witch who has been shaking things up on CW's hit show "The Originals." She possesses the power to control magic and looks pretty awesome while doing it. She has recently been responsible for keeping the evil Mikael at bay that is until Klaus got his hand on their location.

Her character is young and youthful her innocent nature makes her appealing to many as her role continues to intensify from her first appearance in season one.

Davina and Kol or Kaleb played by Sharman share a budding romance. Sharman's character is supposed to be one of the villains of "The Originals" at the moment.

He and his mother Esther and brother Finn were looking to gain control of Davina to exploit her powers and now her new found knowledge of Mikael's existence.

While Davina and Kaleb get closer it will be interesting to see how she feels about him when she realizes that he was just playing a role to get information.

Crystal Reed's character Allison on MTV's "Teen Wolf" eventually met her demise in season three but before she and Sharman's character Isaac shared what was an almost forbidden romance. Reed's character was the initial love story for "Teen Wolf" as she was paired with the main character Scott played by Tyler Posey.

After things got rocky for Allison and Scott the two separated. Upon Isaac's appearance she began to fall deeper in love, this time with a different werewolf.

The love story was still young and didn't have a chance of blooming after Reed asked to be killed off of the series.

Interesting enough it made for a nice little twist and also allowed for Scott's new love interest to fully develop, pushing the series along.

While fans didn't get to see Sharman and Reed's love story continue, they can look forward to Davina and Kaleb's to grow on The CW's "The Originals" which may make that the overall winner when it comes to best suited love story.

Which love story would you rather see Sharman in?