Teen Wolf 'Time of Death' Recap, Season 4 Episode 8, Malia's Past

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In "Time of Death," the eighth episode of an action packed season four of Teen Wolf, Scott attempts a plan to end all of the killing, meanwhile Malia confronts the truth she learned on her own.

The episode begins as the pack barely escaped death last week, Stiles is having trouble sleeping but then turns over to find Malia in his bed and the two try to get comfy but he realizes that it was just a dream. Malia was last seen leaving the pack in the vault after finding out that Peter is her father. Scott's dad writes his report after he killed the assassin that was responsible for the epidemic that hit Beacon Hills High.

Scott asks his dad if he has ever taken someones life before that instant and asks how he deals with it.

The relationship between the two seems a lot stronger than ever. He tells Scott that when he gets back he wants to be in the know.

Liam is back and he Lydia, Stiles, Scott and Kira hatch a plan which seems like it will be putting one of them in danger in order to lure the benefactor. Fast forward now and Scott is lying on the table and appears to be dead as Liam's dad pronounces his time of death and asks that someone contact Melissa McCall.

Braeden wakes up in Derek's bed only to find Derek sleeping on the couch with a wound to his stomach. She asks why he isn't healing.

Scotts mom is now a complete wreck as viewers receive a flashback from what seems like the beginning of the horrible plan to lure the benefactor. The plan however, seems to be more of a veil of unconsciousness rather than death itself and it happens at the hands of Kira who electrocutes Scott.

The entire plan seems to be working and Mrs.

McCall was in on it the whole time but is still scared that the plan might backfire as she learns that if Scott is not back to his normal self in 45 mins, he will die.

Mr. Argent is also in on the plan as he and Stiles attempt to contact the benefactor and lure him to them however it doesn't seem like he wants to claim Scott's body so Mr. Argent says that he will go after him if payment is not processed for Scott. Tyler and Braeden continue to share the awkward relationship but she vows to teach him how to fight despite losing his powers. The pack has hacked into the hospital cameras and are keeping a watchful eye for the benefactor.

Meanwhile, in Scotts state he is dreaming and falls our of a locker at his high school. He walks down the hallway and meets up with Liam who tosses him a lacrosse ball and then disappears into a classroom.

Scott follows him and is greeted by a computer, he types his name in and a list of three groups show up.

Scott realizes that he may have no choice but to get rid of those on his own dead-pool. In the dream Liam is attacked by the muted who is still alive and is hit hard with a hatchet.

Malia is on her own and ignoring calls from Stiles. She opens up a vault and finds her adoption records as her father, Peter, walks in right in time to find her. Back at the hospital Mr. Argent waits patiently and the pack wait for something to happen.

One of the cameras become disabled on the roof. Liam and Kira head up to check it out.

Peter tells Malia that he can't let her leave with the records and she says she thinks she can take him.

He showcases his strength in attempt to scare her but then insists that she can read the records however, she can't leave with it.

Lydia is in her lake house and she is scared to see her mom who admitted to following her wanting answers to why she continues to visit the lake house every weekend. Lydia asks her mom if she knows Meredith and to her surprise she actually does.

Scott is still battling his nightmare and again he goes through the same dream but this time he is transforming into something more as he has more fangs.

The Liam from the dream tells Scott that he may be growing but the muted assassin says that he is evolving as he kills Liam again.

Liam and Kira are greeted by a berserker and now it looks like there is trouble brewing for the entire pack.

Mr. Argent and Stiles are worried as it appears that the hospital is under attack. Meanwhile, Derek continues his training from Braeden and this time he is learning how to use a gun. The lessons are cut short as the two are not hooking up and a new love story is brewing on Teen Wolf.

Malia reads her files but she doesn't find much, she tells Peter that he got ripped off and he tells her that she only heard one side of the story (alluding to her origin). Kira and Liam try to battle the berserker but they both fail.

Kira is now having a dream after getting knocked out and she and Scott discuss a future date when all of the madness is over.

Stiles tries to contact Mr. Argent but he is having trouble after coming under attack by Kate. Kate now stands in front of Mr. Argent and Stiles and they try to find out if she is the benefactor but she says that they need not worry because she isn't.

Peter tries to justify why he killed the people he killed and why he did horrible terrible things, however, he says that as long as Malia's name on the list he will continue to kill. He then tells Malia that he wants to help her find her mother and that is why he needs the money to rpove that he isn't bad.

He tells her he found a woman who might be her mother, The Desert Wolf which translates to a coyote.

Kira's mom and Scott's mom are confronted by a berserker and the two try to escape. Meanwhile, Lydia and her mom have a discussion about Meredith while she was asked to scatter her grandmothers ashes she tells her mom that the entire vase and house is made of mountain ash.


Argent continues to try to convince Kate to back off and let them handle the situation and it appears as if she does.

With only three minutes left is Scott going to survive, once again the alpha puts himself in danger for the greater good of his pack.

Scott is in his dream-state once again and this time he catches the tomahawk and the muted assassin is showing him how to kill his own, in a fit of alpha rage he continuously takes the tomahawk to Liam. He waks up to everyone standing around him and Kira greets him with a kiss but they tell him that the plan didn't work and Kira finds out that her mom has been severely hurt.

Kate returns to meet Peter and she tells him that Scott is still alive and it seems like Peter may be the benefactor.

Malia is in Stiles room and she tells him that Peter is going to help her find his mother.

Malia said right before the accident with her and her mom and she says that she may have been the one who killed her whole family but Stiles says maybe not.

Derek wakes up next to Braeden and Kira and Scott are spending time together while her mom was taken away for medical treatment. Scott says that he has to go back to the hospital for tests and the two are rethinking the plan.

Scott says that the plan worked because someone has the power to know that someone is dead but doesn't need confirmation. Lydia and her mom find out that her grandmother might not be dead after all.

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