Teen Wolf 'Smoke And Mirrors' Recap, Season 4 Episode 12, Scott And Stiles Save The Pack

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In "Smoke and Mirrors," the twelfth episode and finale of an action packed season four of Teen Wolf, Scott is near the edge of evil at the hands of Kate Argent.

Last weeks episode left fans in complete turmoil after Scott was captured by Kate and began the process of turning into a berserker. This weeks episode begins as Kira wakes up once again in the tomb surrounded by bones and now something has caught her eyes. She moves toward the door of the cell which is now open and calls Scott's name gently. She says his name again and continues to feel her way through the caves but a berserker is lurking in the shadows.

She is attacked by berserker who is revealed as Scott but he does not kill her. Kate walks in and Kira asks her how she turned Scott.

Kate told the story of her survival and how they helped her. Kate reveals that she is Maloba the bone woman. Scott in his state of being a berserker stabs Kira with his bone weapon and thus the madness begins.

Stiles and the Sheriff argue over Stiles going to Mexico so that he can help Scott. Stiles and his dad continue to argue over the status and his dad reassures him that after he double checks they can both make the trip. Meanwhile, Braeden and Derek are discussing the trip to Mexico and Derek doesn't feel like he will make it back alive.

He and Braeden share a kiss and he says that he is okay with not coming back if it will save Scott and Kira. Peter walks in and tells them that killing a berserker is almost impossible and Peter says that he, Malia and Liam will need to help.

Malia and Stiles capture Scott's scent and the two are headed to Mexico despite Sheriff Stilinski's orders. Liam appears and he wants to go but Stiles and Malia are scared that he will lose control under the full moon.

Braeden, Derek, Peter, Stiles, Liam and Malia are all at a rendezvous point and brainstorm on how to stop Kate, but there is one person missing, Lydia. Lydia appears in the hallway of school and just as she grabs something from the locker she is attacked by what seems to be a berserker. This episode is already getting pretty hairy as the blueprints for epic proportions are being laid down. Stiles tries to contact Lydia but no one can reach her.

Liam suggest that he check in with his friend to locate Lydia while the pack goes on the mission of their lifetime. Peter cautions that they should not fight the berserkers to survive but to kill them.

Derek gives Liam the triskelion to help him control himself when the full moon comes.

Liam's friend continues his search for Lydia back at school and finds her phone along with what she was in charge of retrieving, and oh yeah, a berserker. Malia is riding with Peter and the ride is a very awkward one as he tries to brainwash her into thinking his way. The full moon begins to have it's affect on both Liam and Malia and the pack will need this power if they even stand a chance against Kate and her berserkers.

Kira appears to be alive despite being stabbed and she hears her mother tell her it's alright to cry. Her mother encourages her to fight through but Kira says she doesn't now know.

She tells Kira that she has seen wolves heal before and she now knows she needs to heal with pain. She begins to grip a sharp shard and her eyes begin to glow.

Lydia is alive and well and comes to the aid of Liam. Lydia tells him that the berserker doesn't want them to leave, meanwhile, Derek helps Liam control himself under the full moon and tells him to say alpha, beta, omega but Liam loses control. Malia isn't struggling as much as Liam because she is able to control a little more.

Stiles remembers another mantra which seems to work as he has Liam recite "The Sun, The Moon, The Earth." Liam is now happy with his control and strength and as Derek opens the door of the van he is attacked by a berserker but saved by Braeden.

Derek tells the pack to go on without him and he looks at Stiles especially telling him to save him (Scott).

Derek says that Lydia was right as she predicted his death in previous episodes and now it seems like he is at the end. The pack goes further into the caves but Peter urges them to stop to figure out where they are. Stiles receives a call from his dad who is livid due to Stiles disobeying him. Stiles asks his dad to look for Lydia and he tells Stiles to save his friends.

The pack is then chased by a berserker and Braeden is with Derek trying to have him hang on for dear life. She heads out to survey the area and sees Kate and a berserker heading their way.

Lydia and Liam's friend continue to hide from the berserker at school. Malia gears up to battle one of the berserkers as Braeden is hurt by Kate.

A band of hunters come to her aid firing shots at Kate and the berserker. Stiles finds Kira and she tells him that Kate turned Scott into a berserker. Malia, Liam and Peter are battling Scott and it seems like Peters words to Malia stem from his plan to kill Scott.

If Malia doesn't know that Scott is a berserker he is easier to kill. Derek dies in Braeden's arms and it looks like Teen Wolf has lost another main character.

Lydia and her new friend prepare to do battle with the berserker but their idea is quickly proven to be awry. Sheriff Stilinski comes to the rescue and blows the berserker to smithereens. Lydia knows that the berserkers and Kat along with Peter are trying to kill Scott. Meanwhile, Malia, Liam and Peter get the upper hand on the berserker but just when they are about to kill him Stiles reveals that it is Scott behind the bones.

Scott then goes after Liam and Kira is pleading with Scott to not hurt him. The army of hunters are moving throughout the cave but Kate begins fighting back.

Deputy Parish, Chris Argent and Braeden are now firing away at the berserker and Kate.

Scott is holding Liam near death and Liam begins to talk him down telling him that he isn't a monster, he is a werewolf. At this point Scott strips himself of the bones and rejoins his pack, breaking through the skull and showing his alpha power. He then turns his attention to Peter and reveals that he was the one behind everything. Now that Peter is revealed to be the plot of all evil the real battle ensues.

Malia tries to help but she is pushed back. As Kira steps up Scott quickly calls her back. Scott and Peter will have their final showdown in this cave.

Outside the battle wages on and just when you thought he was dead Derek has now transformed into something pure. He is now more a wolf than he has ever been before reaching a fully evolved werewolf. Derek's strength is so great that even he is surprised and Chris Argent puts the final bullet into Kate. Scott and Peter are fighting as Malia, Kira, Liam and Stiles watch on.

Scott gains the upper hand at times but Peter fights back in what is the best fight scene that Teen Wolf has brought its viewers. Scott begins to find himself in a zone and handles Peter with ease.

As he towers above him in triumph he tells Peter that he was never an alpha but always a monster and delivers one last blow.

His pack looks at him as proud members and as Kate tries to escape Chris the two are both heavily wounded.

Chris and Kate are at a crossroads and he has to make a decision on what to do he finally decides to let her run.

Chris instructs Scott and the rest of the pack on what to do and he joins the rest of the hunters to find and kill Kate. A historic season of Teen Wolf comes to an end that no one could ever see coming. Derek and Braeden are happy to see each other alive and Derek gives Scott the nod of approval. Stiles returns to his dad safe and sound with Malia and she is welcomed in to the family with open arms. Stiles finds himself in a hilarious predicament and Kira looks to her mom for advice again.

She presents Kira with her first fox tail. Liam, Scott and Stiles try to explain to the coach why they missed the game. Ofcourse, he doesn't believe them and gives them a speech about having each others backs.

Lydia and Deputy Parish work on the "beastiary" to try to figure out what he is. Peter is sent to Eichen House where he is sure to plot his revenge.

He begins to go crazy again and yells that the wolfsbane will not hold him back and now he shares a cell with the man Dr. Deaton went to to gather his information.

Peter now sees that he is in a very dangerous place and begins to scream in agony.

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