'Teen Wolf' Recap: 'Strange Frequencies' Season 5 Episode 7, Kira Is Losing It

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Last week the pack got really close to being defeated by the Dread Doctors in MTV's "Teen Wolf".

This week in "Strange Frequencies," episode seven of season five Kira is becoming increasingly affected by the strange aura around her and the Kitsune "Fox" within her.

Stiles, Lydia, Scott, Kira, Liam and Malia are still getting use to their most recent run-in with the Dread Doctors, which led Scott to having a strange asthma attack. Their entire past was revisited and it was revealed that Hayden might be another one of the Dread Doctor's chimera's. This week, the Dread Doctors strike again and it leaves Scott in a very difficult situation when he is unable to protect another one of their victims.

As the body count increases, Parrish's identity is uncovered little by little. Malia is getting closer to finding her mother, "The Desert Wolf" and Theo's allegiance to the Dread Doctor continues.

"Teen Wolf" is surely not letting up on the curveballs.

The madness began where it left off last week with Theo admitting that he knows what happened to Donovan. Stiles pushes him up against the fence and tells him he doesn't know anything.

Theo goes through the whole story and says he doesn't know who took the body and he didn't say anything because Stiles didn't.

Stiles doesn't want to leave the chimera who has been killed by Theo and Theo says they can take him as bait for the person who has been taking all of them (Parrish).

Theo and Stiles come to an agreement and they take the body away.

Liam tries to talk to Hayden about werewolves and the Dread Doctors and when he tries to show her she punches him in the face and drives off. She notices that her knuckle which was bloody has already healed and when she stops her car a "Strange Frequency" comes through and it's the Dread Doctors talking to her.

Her car is dead and won't start and from the horizon at the end of the road she can see the three Dread Doctors approaching.

They get closer and closer and she's trapped in her vehicle as her name comes through the radio. Just then, Liam rips the window off the car and saves her from a close encounter with the Dread Doctors.

Stiles and Theo bring the body of Josh to Scott and he's not happy about it at all. Stiles says someone has to stay with the body and Theo openly volunteers.

Scott receives a message about another chimera and rushes off to talk to Hayden.

Liam said she was okay before Scott got there and she told him she could hear a voice say "your condition improves." Scott threatens to break the door down if she doesn't open it and it creaks open slightly.

When they open it they see Hayden mid-way through her transition as a chimera as she tells them she believes them.

Kira and her father make their way to his classroom and it looks as if she was forced to help him. She hears a noise behind her and she's attacked by her sword wielding mother. They have an epic battle after she presents her daughter with a sword.

The battle intensifies and Kira's mom asks the Kitsune to show itself during the battle. Kira's eyes begin to glow and she pushes her mother's sword away leaving her defenseless on the floor.

The Kitsune aura surrounds Kira and she takes flight into the air she then almost kills her mother but her dad comes in and slams a tail on the table.

Kira says "I could have killed you" angrily, however he mother tells her it wasn't her, it was the fox inside her.

Mason is playing hide and seek with Corey in the library and he tries to avoid him but he can't. Corey asks if Lucas said anything about him but Mason tells him that he told the cops everything. When Corey leaves he Mason notices that Corey was reading a book on miraculous healing. Scott is going over a plan to keep Hayden protected with Stiles.

They need to keep Hayden's sister from finding out and Parrish and Lydia are working on a frequency jammer to disrupt the Dread Doctors contact. Kira asks about her and realizes that she can't help because the last couple of times things got harder for the team.

She says she thinks she needs to figure out what's going on with her before she can help and she and Scott share a kiss.

During the kiss there is a flashback of all of their sweetest moments and when Kira asks what they are going to do if the plan works, Scott tells her they will catch one of them.

Theo is having a conversation with one of the Dread Doctors and he says that they are supposed to be keeping him in the loop about everything.

The doctor just repeats the words inconsequential and disappears before Stiles arrives to keep Theo company as they wait for someone to try to take the chimera's body.

Something is really strange about the kiss between Scott and Kira it's almost as if it was a final kiss so could Kira be in trouble?

Kira is trying acupuncture to try to balance the struggle between her and the fox within her. She needs to put the power back in her hands and she seems really emotional. The Sheriff and Ms.

McCall discuss the Dread Doctors book and it looks like the Sheriff is indirectly asking for medical records, which Scott's mom obliges. Malia, Lydia and Parrish each grab a frequency jammer and sets them up throughout the school while the rest of the team assumes their places.

Lydia meets up with Scott and she is concerned that Liam doesn't know about the second part of the plan. Scott isn't sure there will be a second part or if the plan will work.

The Dread Doctors are approaching and they are being detected by the frequencies. Stiles continues to interrogate Theo about his motives on wanting to join the pack. Stiles says that he's watching him because he doesn't trust him and Theo says that Stiles reminds him of his sister.

After a sob story about how he found his sister's body in a creek and it looks like Stiles might be cracking a little bit.

He asks Theo why he's telling him this and Theo says despite Stiles not liking or trusting him he's still going to look out for him.

Unfortunately, Theo's story doesn't hold up as a flashback shows him watching his sister sinisterly as she asks for his help.

As the Sheriff and Scott's mom do their own investigation it seems like they believe Donovan is still alive. He relives the story about Donovan's father getting shot and him getting hit by a car on the way to see his father. They realize that both Hayden and Donovan had skin grafts. Hayden is confused about everything that is going on but Liam is reassuring her that she will be okay.

She asks what she is and he tells her she's Hayden. She gives him a smile and tells him if he gets her out of the situation she'll forget all about the sixth grade.

Scott seems to have a lot on his mind but notices a leash trail. When he begins following it he is interrupted by Lydia who knows that Stiles and Theo are waiting for someone as well.

It sounds like Stiles has been informing Theo all about the wendigos. Theo and Stiles seem to be getting a little closer and Stiles is worried that he's going to lose Scott because of what he did to Donovan. When Kira's parents go to check on her she is gone and the needles that were once in her form "115." Hayden briefly falls asleep on Hayden's shoulder and Liam looks over and finds the chains in the bag.

He realizes that Hayden is the bait and the chains are there incase they catch a Dread Doctor. Parrish seems to be hallucinating about Lydia being in the car with him and caressing him then engaging in a passionate make out session which turns strange when her hands expose his burning skin.

The camera pans to her and she's burned all over but still continues to kiss Parrish.

Malia hears Parrish's car start and when she tries to go after him she falls into a trap that appears to be all in her mind. The Dread Doctors walk right past her and on their way to Hayden. The Sheriff and Ms. McCall continue to uncover the truth behind the skin grafts that they were taken from different species.

They realize that everyone is a chimera of some sort. Liam is defiant against Scott's plan and the two have an argument where Scott insists that some has to be the bait.

It gets pretty heated and Liam asks Scott to promise him that he'll do everything to save her which he does.

Hayden panics because she doesn't have her pills and Scott volunteers to get them from her locker unbeknownst to the fact that the Dread Doctors are roaming the hallways.

Lydia keeps watch and when Scott begins entering the combination to the locker he is distracted by the leash once again.

Scott follows the leash right into his AP Biology class and is attacked by Kira. She stabs him and the Kitsune within Kira tells Scott that it's the messenger of death. Lydia tries going after Scott and runs into Tracy who rips Lydia's tongue out of her mouth, but it's just another illusion by the Dread Doctors. Stiles and Theo are arguing over whether or not Theo is guilty for taking Josh's life.

Theo uses Stiles' actions towards Donovan against him and Stiles admits that he felt good when Donovan was killed. Theo notices a strange scent of something burning.

A flaming punch hit's Theo in the face and the jeep is flipped upside down. Stiles is still inside as it's burning and Parrish walks away with Josh's body.

Corey is drinking heavily at Sinema and Mason approaches him and asks him if he's okay. Corey replies better than ever and Mason checks his arm to see if the wound healed, which it did. Hayden and Liam know that the Dread Doctors are in the school and when Liam tries to check on Scott and Lydia the Dread Doctors make their way in and tell Liam that they are running frequencies they can't possibly imagine. Stiles wakes up as Theo approaches and tells him that the body is gone.

Mason wakes Scott up at the school from his illusion and they meet up with Malia who tells them that Hayden and Liam are gone. Liam is watching Hayden as the Dread Doctors approach her to begin operating.

He yells out for them not to hurt her and then yells Hayden's name which is repeated by the Dread Doctors.

Then all of a sudden Ms. McCall walks into her house and finds Kira's blade sticking out of a body.

"Strange Frequencies" is yet another whirlwind of mysteries, suspense, romance and action in the "Teen Wolf" book.

The Dread Doctors novel is playing out just the way the villains want it to and it's up to Scott and the pack to stop them from wreaking havoc on Beacon Hills.

Fans will have to tune in next week to find out what happens on Monday at 10PM EST