'Teen Wolf' Recap: 'Required Reading' Season 5 Episode 6, Shirtless Theo Taunts Malia

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This week MTV's hit show "Teen Wolf" continues it's novel driven theme with "Required Reading," episode six of season five.

Things start heating up even more between Theo and Malia as he continues to taunt her with a fake friendship but how will Stiles feel about all of this?

Stiles, Lydia, Scott, Kira and Malia all had a pretty traumatic experience at Eichen House in last weeks episode, after a close encounter with the Dread Doctors. Dr. Valack gave them some crucial information to follow and upon doing so the pack has some peculiar things happen to them.

Theo and Malia continue their strange game of back and forth as he continues to support the evil team but is Malia seeing through it or has she fallen for Theo. Things got pretty steamy during a workout session.

The episode kicked off with Scott reaching for a what looked like a USB before being attacked by one of the Dread Doctors. Then Malia comes in and manages to distract the Dread Doctor. Just when she starts losing the battle, she is forced to join Scott and his mother in the elevator to evade the Dread Doctor.

Scott says, "we never should have read that book." Two deputies arrive at the lacrosse field and see a bunch of burial grounds as the scene cuts to the Sheriff having a conversation with Malia and Stiles on Donovan being a chimera.

This gets a little too tough for Stiles to hear knowing that he's killed Donovan.

When his dad asks him why he's so quiet Stiles says maybe they should find out if the teens who were chosen for the experiment had something in common.

Lydia is learning how to defend herself with Deputy Parrish who seems very convincing. She seems to be doing pretty well but she's wrapped up in Parrishs arms pretty tightly and they pause for a sensual minute.

However, she has a flashback to the operating table and things get a little weird.

Scott informs Theo on what's going on and Scott tells him that he and the pack are reading the book so Theo agrees to read it as well.

The pack gathers around with copies of the book and Lydia says she saw the Doctors during her surgery and it's like a memory trying to resurface.

The pack grabs their copies and the story begins. They start flipping through the book and Theo doesn't seem too engage. Kira is struggling to stay awake and Lydia is feeling hungry.

Malia notices Stiles rubbing her shoulder and asks what he did to it and she checks his heartbeat.

Stiles changes the subject to the memory of the crash and Malia lies about there being more than just the crash.

Kira gets overly tired and when Scott asks if she's giving up, she tells him she's just resting her eyes.

Meanwhile as Sinema, Liam is trying to help Hayden out but she tells him that nothing will make up for the fifth grade. He helps her put the lights back on and tells her she can keep hating him. Back at the house, the whole pack with the exception of Theo has fallen asleep and Theo goes into the room where Kira is sleeping to record her strange Japanese phrase.

The next day Stiles, Scott and Kira are in school and the lights begin flickering.

They vow to keep an eye on each other and in Biology class Lydia notices a girls hair is dropping out.

She suspects her of being a chimera and tries to goes after her after the girl decides to drop AP Biology.

Lydia catches up with the girl who tells her that the hair loss is due to stress. Lydia says maybe she can help her cover the spot up but when she looks, a vision of a hole in the girls head occurs and she passes out on the floor.

She can hear some say "Lydia I told you to stay in the car." Lydia wakes up and it looks as if she is walking through Eichen House.

She sees her mother attending to her grandmother who has drilled a hole in her head and is laying dead in the tub.

The lady wakes up and tells Lydia that "they're coming Lydia." When she wakes up Scott is there and she says she had a memory of her grandmother, however, when her mother asks she says she's fine.

Liam's friend approaches Kira about why she hasn't been reading the book and asks her whether or not she can speak Japanese. He tells her the story about the phrase "Moshi Moshi" and explains that the book is confusing her, that's why she can't read it.

Scott is dropping his AP Biology class and his teacher begins pushing him and tells him she doesn't think he should drop.

Suddenly, he begins having what looks like an asthma attack and all he can see is the images of dogs.

Scott sees a vision of his mom helping a young Scott along in the hospital. He has been bitten by a dog and in reality he's collapsed to the ground and his teacher is trying to get through to him.

Liam is at practice and Hayden is practicing Soccer meanwhile, his friends are discussing what's going on with the chimeras.

Liam and Hayden engage in a scoring match to see who can score the most goal and it's bringing out the best in both of them.

Liam accidentally broke Hayden's nose in sixth grade and that's why she's so angry at him.

Liam runs into the classroom when he senses Scott in danger and the only thing that could snap him out was showing his Beta eyes. Scott awakens and takes a puff of the inhaler. Lydia is trying to figure out what her suppressed memory means. She thinks it has more about her being a banshee and feels that it's not her memory, it's someone else's.

Theo is working out in the weight room and loses his shirt right before Malia walks in. She seemed a bit taken up with him but then asks why he didn't say anything to Scott about the rest of her memories.

He says he didn't think she wanted him too and she agrees. She asks him if he wants to know why and he says "not really."

Malia has had enough with Theo's game and she slightly attacks Theo to find out what he wants. He says he wants in the pack and if she has something else in mind, he's okay with that took. Hayden's sister picks her up from school and Liam overhears Hayden's sister talking about medication in her bag.

He also hears her sister tell Hayden that she thinks Liam got cute. Theo actually confesses to Scott that he recorded Kira's Japanese which translates to be "I am the messenger of death." Scott admits that there is something happening to her because there is an aura around her.

He says now it looks different, almost like it's taking over. Scott says he doesn't know if he can trust her anymore.

The lights begin to flicker and they hear something in the basement. Lydia and Scott return to the operating room and Stiles leaves to find out what's going on with the power. Stiles jumps back into the elevator and there is someone creepy behind him. She walks right through him and continues her way down the hallway.

He's now in his own memory. Scott and Theo check the basement and notice the commotion is being triggered by a chimera.

Lydia walks up to the heart monitor and puts her ears close to the device, only to hear the name Hayden being repeated.

Scott is following the girl who looks like Hayden in his memory. Malia tells the guys that everyone is just waiting for the power to go back on and the scene moves to a chimera snacking on power lines.

Back at Sinema, Liam is trying to talk to Hayden and tries to get her to take the money for the medication. She explains it's for a kidney transplant she had. He overhears the guy who hired her talking about the fact that he's exploiting Hayden. He asks Hayden to close her eyes and then he breaks a glow stick. When she opens her eyes are incredibly multicolored and he has a worried look on his face.

The Dread Doctors are operating on someone else meanwhile, Stiles was following his mother all along, not Hayden. He witnesses his dad trying to talk her down from a ledge and it makes him very emotional.

Stiles' mother believed that 10-year-old Stiles was trying to kill her. Out of nowhere the memory turns to a reality when his mother attacks him but in reality it's the chimera.

Scott is ambushed by a Dread Doctor and the show picks up from the beginning. Theo comes to Stiles' rescue and begins fighting off the chimera.

Scott is still struggling and in enters Malia just like the beginning of the show.

Theo kills the chimera by ripping his throat out and then tells Stiles not to say anything. When Stiles asks why not Theo says, "because I never said anything about Donovan."

"Required Reading" is just as mind-bending as last weeks impressive installment of "Teen Wolf." The interesting dynamic between Malia and Theo looks as if it might destroy the relationship between her and Stiles in the future, which might send Stiles over the edge. Of course, he has his own issues to worry about especially with dealing with the guilt from killing Donovan.

It's going to be interesting to see how Scott, Kira, Stiles, Malia, Lydia and the rest of the team handle the Dread Doctors as the season progresses.

Fans will have to tune in next week to find out what happens on Monday at 10PM EST.