'Teen Wolf' Recap: 'A Novel Approach' Season 5 Episode 5, Malia & Theo Get Closer

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The wild season five of MTV's "Teen Wolf" continues with "A Novel Approach," episode five of the fifth season.Tonight Theo and Malia will have plenty of time together as they dig deeper to find out who "The Dread Doctors" are.

Stiles and Lydia will have their hands full as they enter Eichen House to have a chat with Dr. Valack who tells them more about the "Dread Doctors." Malia gets yet another lesson in driving but this time it's from Theo.

Scott is still struggling with the crazy things that have been happening after the "Dread Doctors" showed up in Beacon Hills. Meanwhile, Kira and Scott are still in sort of a limbo after he told her that he loves her.

The action kicked off as Stiles is being attacked by Donovan. Stiles breaks free and hits Donovan in the face with a wrench but it doesn't keep him down. Donovan is stalking Stiles like prey and he's made the transition into a chimera. Stiles locks himself in a room and Donovan comes in forcing him to hide.

His phone starts ringing and Donovan begins teasing Stiles and told him about how his father was shot while on duty with Sheriff Stilinski. Donovan was calling the Sheriff a coward and it's infuriating Stiles to the point where he is shaking.

Donovan finds Stiles' hiding place and another struggle begins. Stiles pulls the pin on the shelf he was climbing and a bar pierces Donovan straight through the chest.

As the episode continues a 911 responder is asking if there is an emergency and they aren't getting an answer. It was Stiles who made the call most likely to alert the authorities of the now dead Donovan. Before Stiles can walk away from Donovan he notices the cell phone ringing near him and takes it. He is visibly distraught and his adrenaline is pumping.

He manages to get the truck started and is breathing heavily as the sound of patrol cars near. He peels out of the way and turns his lights out before the officers can spot him.

Stiles is really shaken up and he hears over the police radio that they found no one in the building.

When he goes to check on Donovan's body it's gone and the entire room is cleaned out except for a small trace of blood.

Scott were Kira are sleeping together and she was mumbling some strange words in Japanese. Scott checks his phone which alerts him about a possible break in at the animal clinic. Meanwhile, Stiles is home scribbling all over his evidence board but can't explain the disappearance of Donovan's body.

His final guess is that someone took the body and he quickly erases everything and begins to panic. He receives a call from Scott who tells him that someone is taking the body and something clicked in his head.

Scott explains that Lucas' body along with the rest of the dead chimeras are being stolen. It's in fact Parrish who's taking the bodies to the celtic resting place.

The next day Lydia and Malia exam "The Dread Doctors" book that Malia found. Malia didn't understand anything in the book and says Kira is on it. However, when reading the synopsis, Lydia finds out that the doctors are a group of parascientists.

Scott and Kira are trying to find out why someone is taking the bodies and they realize the chimeras are failures. Scott breaks for a second because he thought he smelled blood but he brushed it off.

Scott tries to get Theo involved in the research on "The Dread Doctors" book and there is a clue that Lydia and Scott found, linking the book to Dr.

Valack and it was all part of Theo and "The Dread Doctors" plan.

Stiles tells Lydia that he is going to go with her as she visits Valack at Eichen House. Lydia notices that Stiles is acting strange and asks him about a wince but he brushed that off. Scott and Kira are looking for a belt in the room and it breaks into a statement from Kira addressing the fact that Scott told her that he loved her.

She asks him to look at her with his wolf eyes and he sees a burning Kitsune aura. Scott lies to Kira when she asks him what he saw and they head out to meet Stiles and Lydia.

Scott notices that Stiles is a little off but Scott also tells Stiles that he heard Kira say something in Japanese before trying to kill Lucas.

Stiles' conscious begins breaking through when he tries to defend Kira but Scott tells him that the chimeras are victims and they shouldn't kill those they are trying to save. Just then the gates of Eichen House open and as they enter it shuts tightly behind them. They are forced to empty their belongings into the container including Kira's belt that doubles as a sword.

The orderly handling it all is the same man who was prodding at Lydia in episode one. Stiles and Lydia are both very uncomfortable around him.

Malia is forced to do research with Theo who seems to be getting a little flirty with her. The security guard tells Scott and Kira that they have to stay behind and Stiles and Lydia make a trip down the corridor towards Valacks cell. Along the way they notice a world of supernatural beings before coming face to face with Valack.

He asks Stiles to tell him what he saw in the creature, saying that the creature can mimic lost souls. Stiles doesn't tell him that he saw Donovan in the cell before it transitioned to the creature.

Valack asks for the book and Lydia guesses that he is also the author of it. He tells them that it's a tool meant to open up their eyes to "The Dread Doctors."

Theo asks Malia if she needs a ride home from the library and when she refuses he convinces her to take a practice run with his car. Valack said he wrote the book because no one believed him and because no one listened to him. He says the doctors aren't entirely human anymore.

He says that they found ways to prolong their life, give themselves power and make themselves disappear. Valack places a voice recorder into a tray and asks Lydia to press record. He wants to record her scream.

Scott and Kira are worried about Stiles and Lydia and it's revealed that Stiles still likes Lydia. He told her about Stiles and how he decoded Lydia's personality. The lights begin to flicker and electricity begins running all over Kira. Stiles is trying to protect Lydia and tells her not to scream into the recorder.

Lydia realizes that the entire thing has happened before and Valack reveals his third eye. Scott asks Kira to stop but she can't control it.

Valack knows that Kira is a Kitsune and that she is disrupting the gateway. By doing so, they unlocked the gateway for "The Dread Doctors" to make their way into Eichen House.

It's pretty confusing so far as to how Kira fits into the whole thing. Anyway, Theo is giving Malia a pretty intimate lesson and encourages her to go above the speed limit and get a little more comfy with the steering wheel.

Malia has a flashback and begins flooring the truck. Theo gets worried and has to yell for Malia to stop the car. She stops abruptly after remembering the accident she and her mom had.

Scott wakes up and sees Kira knocked out with the electricity running all over her body. The doctors are getting closer and Stiles and Lydia are still playing the game with Valack. He says the book acts as a trigger to the memory of the victims.

The book brings the suppressed memories to light and Lydia begins thinking about her flashbacks. Scott and the guard comes face to face with the doctors who are killing their way through Eichen House.

Malia continues to have a memory of accident and notices that the car her mother was driving was being fired at. Theo saves her from being hit by a car and Malia says that the Desert Wolf was there. Scott is trying to get Kira and himself out of the corridor before the doctors can get to them and it looks like Lydia gave Valack what he wanted. Valack yells towards her and Stiles to read the book.

Stiles and Lydia hide from "The Dread Doctors" but they seem to be going towards Valack. They enter his cell and when he tries to escape, he is held down and his third eye is extracted from his head.

Scott saves the electrical Kira at the expense of him suffering dearly. Kira says at the club he said, before she could finish he says that he knows and he meant it as they fall into each other's arms.

Stiles and Lydia are waiting for the coast to get clear and he tells her that everything that is happening is their fault.

Valack is crawling towards the screen of his cell and uses the banshee scream to crack the glass. Will he escape and help Scott and the pack?

"A Novel Approach" is continuing to build the anticipation for yet another huge season filled with twists. Exploring Lydia's involvement in Eichen is going to be a key aspect of putting the entire puzzle together.

"Teen Wolf" has put much of its characters in jeopardy so it will be pretty interesting to see how it all plays out.

Fans will have to tune in next week to find out what happens on Monday at 10PM EST.