'Teen Wolf' Recap: 'Condition Terminal' Season 5 Episode 4, The Creepy Doctors

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It was a rough night for "Teen Wolf" fans as things got pretty crazy for Scott, Kira, Stiles and the rest of the pack in the "Condition Terminal," the fourth episode of the thrilling season five.

While Scott is still trying to make sense of what's going on around him, Stiles is given the insane task of tracking a fugitive. Now that Mason is in on the entire story, he's a pretty big risk to the crew.

However, he's still Liam's friend and that's why Liam played his wingman for an evening. Kira, Malia, Lydia and the rest of the pack continue to try to make sense of who these dreadful doctors are.

The action kicked off as, Lydia's face graces a queen of diamonds in a deck of cards that Parrish is playing with. He and Lydia are hanging out at the station in a pretty flirty conversation. You can feel the tension as they argue over a trick. Lydia holds a flame to his palm and it burns Parrish, but she tells him he can last longer.

She does it again urging him not to think about the flame or anything to do with it on his hand. This time it lasts but Lydia burned her thumb a bit.

She looks at Parrish's palm that is charred without scars. She asks him what he was thinking about and he replies, a dream.

He is walking through the woods carrying a burnt body but he doesn't know who it is. Lydia recognizes the tree in his dream as the area where the Celtic settlers met.

It's suppose to be a beacon for supernatural beings.

Parrish says he puts the body down, he lays it on the trees and thats it. There are multiple bodies in Parrish's dream and it looks like he might be a pyro-supernatural being of some sort.

The episode continues with Donovan still trapped in a jail cell. He is visited by the creepy masked villains who manage to free him using their powers. They approach him and the camera cuts to Scott, Stiles and Theo walking in on a hurt Lydia who's being treated by Kira. Scott rushes to her side and ties his his belt tightly around the wound.

Scott alerts Stiles that they have to go and they run into Malia and an apparently dead Tracy. Malia is stumbling over her words trying to described who did it.

The Sheriff wants to call in a coroner and file a report but Deacon convinces him otherwise.

Donovan is strapped to a table and the masked villains begin operating on him. They inspect him and one of them says his condition looks promising. They proceed to pull teeth from his mouth, only to have sharper Canima-like teeth replace them.

Lydia is being rushed to the hospital room and she is pleading with her mother not to say anything about what they saw.

Liam tells Scott that Tracy called out of hole. The entire pack assembles at the hospital and Malia finally breaks the story about the men in the mask.

Lydia is counting down from 10 when her doctors suddenly turn into the men in masks. She falls deeper into her state as one of them urges her to keep counting. Meanwhile, Scott is back at his house with Malia going over all of the clues so far. When Scott writes who is the Desert Wolf, Malia erases it.

Kira and Scott arrive at his place and he embraces her gently and kisses her on the forehead, then the lips. Deacon interrupts with information on the what Tracy was.

She was an experimental creature baring the traits of many supernatural beings.

He says that someone is trying to bend the supernatural world and science. Deacon says that something like this shakes you to the core and what Scott asks what he's talking about, he says the rules have changed.

Lydia wakes up the next morning and Parrish has been keeping watch over her. She asks him what he's doing there and he says he's officially there to record a report. The conversation spins into Lydia asking him to teach her how to fight.

The AP Biology class reveals that the creatures they might be dealing with are called Chimera's. Their professor passes out drop forms and Scott takes one much to the dismay of his professor.

Sheriff and a deputy go over video and the Sheriff asks her what she's still doing there. She says that she won't rest until Donovan is caught. Theo walks in on Donovan and explains to him why he failed his deputy test.

Theo looks to be on the evil side of the spectrum but of course we already knew that. Theo tells Donovan that he has real power, strength, speed and heightened senses.

He says that physical pain is manageable but the real pain is emotional. He instructs Donovan to go after someone the Sheriff loves to inflict real pain.

Stiles and Malia walk in on Scott and Kira who are looking up more myths on Chimeras. Just then, it pans over to the hospital where another boy, Corey is screaming in pain from a strange wound on his arm. Liam is accompanying Mason to a rave where he will serve as his wingman.

Liam runs into his old friend who almost didn't let them into the club. The club called Sinema is crazy and unlike anything Liam is use to.

Stiles is stuck on a page about Wendigos and Malia is remembering the attack. She realizes something and tells Stiles to wake up and go home. Liam realizes that Hayden is only working at the bar because she is saving up for something. Then he senses someone else in the club. He looses the sense of who appears to be Lucas.

Scott and Kira are trying to find out what's going on with the "burn victim." Scott goes into the room to see if her can help him and he begins taking the pain away but it takes a huge toll on him. He collapses into Kira and his mom's arm.

They check the wound and it's still there. His mother tells him that the results came back as scorpion venom.

Liam is feeling a bit off and Mason seems to be interested in Lucas who shows off his supernatural strength, sending Liam into a protective mode. Scott asks Corey to tell them what happened between him and Lucas. He says that Lucas was aggressive, like he was a different person.

They were kissing then he felt a sting. When he looked up, he saw Lucas' eyes go black.

He also gave away the name to club Sinema. Liam is struggling with Hayden and is distracted before he could see Mason meeting up with Lucas.

They start kissing and Lucas begins showing his spikes again. Scott and Kira are almost stopped by an alarm but she throws a disc at it to disable it and Scott tells Kira he loves her. She races after him telling him that he did something that changes everything.

Meanwhile, Liam is trying to fight off Lucas, when Scott and Kira show up a bit late to help the battle.

Malia continues her investigation of photos scattered all over Tracy's room. She finds a diary and under it is a book call "The Dread Doctors."

The fight continues and ends Liam slamming Lucas to the ground. Kira goes to deliver an deathblow but she is stopped by Scott who looks at her very uncharacteristically. Before they could get Lucas out the Dread Doctors kill him and when Scott asks why, they tell him that Lucas' condition was terminal. Scott and his mom are trying to figure out how they are going to explain Lucas' stingers, before putting him in the morgue.

Scott is getting down on himself for what happened but his mother tells him that he not only has the power to fix it, but the will to fix it. He says he is going to find out who did this and stop them.

As they leave the room, Parrish enters and takes the body of Lucas and he lays it on the rings of the tree as in the dream.

Stiles is having car trouble once again and while fixing it, he is attacked from behind by Donovan.

"Condition Terminal" was an incredibly suspenseful continuation to last weeks episode.

Fans are learning more about the mysterious masked surgeons who have been using other supernatural creatures to terrify Scott and the rest of his pack.

Fans will have to tune in next week to find out what happens on Monday at 10PM EST.