Teen Wolf 'Perishable' Preview, Season 4

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It's Monday and that means Teen Wolf fans will be treated to an all new episode of MTV's hit show focused around werewolves and teenagers who bare a burden much larger than they could ever anticipate.

"An assassin targets Scott and Liam at the lacrosse team's annual bonfire.

Later, Lydia uncovers a family secret," the TV Guide summarizes.

Liam played a much smaller role in last weeks episode as he appeared in Scott's dream state and died over and over again while being stabbed by "the muted." Judging from last weeks episode, could "the muted" be the assassin that will be targeting Scott and Liam?

Meanwhile in last weeks episode Lydia also learned that her grandmother may not be dead.

As a banshee Lydia still has a lot to learn about her gift or curse depending on how the fans look at it.

In the photo tweeted by the official Teen Wolf Twitter account, it shows Stiles looking very nervous and could be telling fans that they will be seeing some more heroics from Stiles as he has been playing key roles in saving the pack when Scott hasn't been able to.

To see it all unfold you can tune in tonight at 10 PM on MTV.