Teen Wolf 'Orphaned' Recap, Season 4 Episode 6, Scott Forced To Help An Enemy

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This season of Teen Wolf has certainly shaped up to be one of the best yet, in tonights sixth episode of the season 'Orphaned,' Scott finds himself having to help a very dangerous enemy and Derek teams up with Malia to find an old ally that could help them against the mercenaries and assassins hunting the pack.

The episode begins four weeks prior to the current time in which Kate Argent is in the backseat of a car. Kate wakes up and a tape pops out of the deck n the car marked, "Play Me." The tape speaks of a family of werewolves that needed to be trained using the triskelion. The tape says without it violence is inevitable.

Kate is seen in an after math of wounded and dead hunters trying to find out who "the benefactor" is and she also has the aid of the Berserkers.

Meanwhile, the sheriff takes violet into custody and she sends a strange look toward Scotts' dads' direction. Liam and Scott listen in to Scotts' dad as he questions Violet and then says he needs to find her boyfriend Garrett.

Liams' old nemesis from school is seen struggling on the table as the Dr. Deaton, Stiles and Derek try to help him from the poison he suffered at the hands of Violet.

He utters the words "Sun, Earth, Moon." Scott and Liam investigate the locker room to see if they can find any information on Garrett.

Liam asks Scott if he finds anything and he does find a large sum of money in a bag, however, he tells Liam he found nothing.

Scotts' mom gets some very interesting news as she is struggling to make ends meet. Now Scott is faced with a dilemma as he has a large sum of money and his family is struggling. Liam and his friend go for a run but Liam outruns him easily and just keeps going.

Finally he stops realizing that he outran his friend but is suddenly hit by a car driven by Garrett who approaches with a blade and appears to have stabbed Liam with the blade laced with the rare wolfsbane. Malia tries to cover for her friends who are all missing and she hears a strange voice calling her name, she then exits to follow the voice.

She finally sees Derek and he needs her help to find Brett's friends, his pack.

Stiles and Lydia sit the deputy down and show him the deadpool. His name, Jordan Parrish, appears on the deadpool and is worth five million dollars. They ask for access to speak to Meredith, Scott and Liams' friend try to locate him but they are unable to.

Scott receives a call from Liam's cell phone but it's actually Garrett on the other end of the phone. Scott tries to bargain with money but Garrett says that he wants both the money and Violet in return for Liam.

Scott meets Garrett and asks him what he wants, Garrett wants him to help Scott get Violet back and threatens the life of Liam if he doesn't comply. Liam is at the bottom of the well and he has the poisonous wolfsbane in his system. Derek and Malia arrive in the woods looking for his ally and he informs her that Bretts' pack is hiding from something. Scott tries to reason with his dad for Violets' release but it doesn't work.

He is now forced to team up with one of the assassins who is trying to kill him and all other supernatural beings. Deputy Parrish, Lydia and Stiles are at the psych ward trying to get information from Meredith, but they are told they need a warrant.

Stiles is also informed that he is late on his payments from his time in the ward and it seems as if all of the pack is beginning to struggle financially.

Scott and Garrett approach the car carrying Violet but it is crashed and the Sheriff and Scotts' dad are wounded. The berserkers appear to be behind the attack and Garrett tries his best to fight them but dies in the process. Stiles and Lydia try to get Meredith to help them by giving them the third key to the rest of the deadpool list. Meredith then says that the benefactor didn't want her to tell them anymore information.

Mr. Argent and Dr.

Deaton saved Scott who suffered a wound from the berserkers. Derek insists that he will not find the werewolves he was looking for because they don't want to be found and it should be for a good reason.

Malia tells Derek that they should look for where the Buddhists would hide out since his ally practices the Buddhist faith. At this point it seems like Derek might be looking for Satomi, the elder from last seasons Teen Wolf. Meanwhile, Liam has begun an ascend to the top of the well but slips and falls right back down.

He remembers the words from Scott when he turned for the first time. He uses those words as motivation and begins his ascend to the top of the well once more.

Lydia and Stiles question Meredith some more and ask her if she knows the name of the benefactor. Meredith becomes upset and screams "i don't know!" Scott and Mr. Argent are now together and it seems like they will be working together. Derek and Malia approach the site they are looking for and unfortunately his scent is no longer as good as it use to be. He approaches an area and it appears that the pack he was looking for have all been killed.

Scott and Mr. Argent locate Kate and ask to find Violet. Kate has the help of the berserkers and said she wished they gave her more time to learn to control her powers.

Scott then asks where Violet is but she has no intentions of following their orders. The battle begins and Scott and Mr. Argent are caught in a fight against Kate and the berserkers.

Derek says that the pack may have been poisoned and Malia suggests that maybe the pack should be running for their lives. Derek finds Braeden who is lying wounded on the ground not too far away from the pack. Scott is trying very hard to fight off the berserker but this time it appears to be a little harder. He finally sees Violet who was killed after he is thrown into a wall. Kate commands the berserker not to kill Mr.

Argent even though they had the perfect opportunity. Mr. Argent tells Scott he's sorry about Liam, as Liam still makes his way up the well. He lets out a big scream/growl and Scott hears him.

Stiles and Lydia are now in the room trying to figure out how they can get the last keyword. Stiles then says what if the third key is someone who is alive rather than the last two who were dead. Lydia then tries to predict who dies next and Derek is the name she uses to unlock the rest of the deadpool and Merediths' name also appears on the list.

Scott rushes over to save his beta Liam and succeeds.

He tells him he is ok and it looks like a new brotherhood is beginning. Lydia and Stiles learn that Meredith hung herself in her room and death seems to be following the pack very closely.

Liam is on the opperating table as Dr.

Deaton tries to save him and Scott vows that no one else will die from this point on.

Scotts mom sits at the table struggling as she looks over the bills and Scott and Stiles debate on counting the money and using it to help out their families.

Kate is approached by Peter who seems to be antagonizing her with a riddle and it seems as if he is trying to make a deal with her. He knows that she is trying to get the argent family back together and he offers her to teach her the control.

He tells her he wants his money back and she knows that that isn't all he wants. He says money only gets you so far and he wants power.

For more Teen Wolf check out the after show, "Wolf Watch," following tonights episode. Also head over to MTV.com for all the latest cast interviews and tune in next Monday at 10PM to see what awaits the pack.