Teen Wolf 'Monstrous' Recap, Season 4 Episode 10, Meredith's Motives

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In "Monstrous," the tenth episode of an action packed season four of Teen Wolf, Scott and Kira battle assassins in attempts to save Satomi's pack while Stiles and Malia discover the origins of the dead pool.

Last weeks bombshell probably left most viewers puzzled as now it has been revealed that Meredith is not only alive, but she is also "The Benefactor." Tonight's episode begins as a woman is being chased by a werewolf, but he is in fact running to keep her alive as they are both chased by assassins.

They are chased into the middle of a field and all floodlights are turned on as guns are pointed to them.

He tells her to close her eyes and as the bullets begin to fly Kira comes in slashing them away and saving the two victims.

Scott is seen frantically getting ready to head out saying that Kira found Brett. He tells Liam that they need to leave but Liam says that he is not like Scott. He asks how Scott and the pack are able to fight all the evil without losing soldiers, however, Scott says that some of them aren't with them anymore.

Stiles is busy trying to escape from the hospital but Mrs. McCall tells him he needs to stay because he has had a concussion. He asked her to get a cassette player and he is seen holding a tape.

Meredith is back at the station and the Sheriff and Lydia go over ways that they can prove that she is "The Benefactor." The figure out that they need to stop the money from flowing in order to stop the dead pool.

Kira and Scott share a passionate kiss that puts their love story in a better place than it was before. She shows them the members of Satomi's pack she saved and Scott says they are going to need help.

Mr. Argent appears to be hunting someone or something and ends up in a type of greenery.

He walks around and his eyes are focused on a strange yellow plant.

Back at the station, Lydia is awoken by the voice of the Sheriff and Deputy Parish says that they have combed Bruski's entire office.

Both parish and the Sheriff both try to get Lydia to go home but she wants to talk to Meredith.

Stiles receives a visit from Malia and things appear to be very awkward as the two try to figure out what is going on. They are then locked in a room and now they are forced to talk about what Stiles did and why he did it.

Malia says that forgiveness is very hard for her and Stiles seems to be very smooth with his words, which eventually leads to the two sharing a passionate kiss as the door opens.

Mr. Argent opens a safe and deposits the strange plant inside of it but he is alarmed when he sees footsteps that aren't his. To his surprised he is met with an arrow that misses him and he is approached by an angry Brett who is talked down by Scott.

Scott has brought Satomi's entire pack and they explain to Mr.

Argent that they need a safe place to stay and he instructs them that they are being hunted and there is no safe place.

Scott remains number one on the dead pool and they are banking on Lydia's chat with Meredith.

Stiles and Malia listen to the tape and they figure out that it was not recorded at the ward. Lydia tries to break Meredith down she tells her that Brunski used her grandmother and asked if Meredith was used in the same way.

Meredith responds with her signature phrase, "I wanted to help, I only wanted to help." Lydia then says that Meredith wouldn't stay unless she wanted to talk and to her surprise, Meredith tells her that she wants to speak to Peter Hale.

Malia and Stiles continue to listen to the tape and and Malia recognizes the record player from the lake house in the background. Malia insists that Lydia's mom predicted the death of more than one person before it happened and that she may have also found a way to stop it and the two depart to the lake house.

Scott and Derek are in the shelter with the rest of the victims and Braeden is also another member of the pack.

Derek makes a speech saying that anyone who thinks they can hunt and kill those in the room for money will be put on a list themselves and hunted.

Peter and Lydia are both discussing whether or not Meredith is the one and the first question he asks her when they are alone is, "Where is my money?"

She reaches for his face and Peter grabs her hand quickly then Parish instructs him to let her know. Meredith picks up that Peter's burn marks are all gone and Lydia realizes that the two have met before. Satomi and Mr.

Argent talk about the "sun, moon and earth." Satomi says that he people are violent people who are capable of losing control and the mantra is what helps keep them in control.

Peter becomes agitated and he insists that he and Meredith have never met before and when his frustration reaches its peak, he reaches for her throat.

The shelter is attacked by a group of assassins who light up the entire place with bullets and as the pack takes shelter Lydia, the Sheriff and Parish try to stop Peter from killing Meredith. She has a flash and Lydia starts to understand the mumbling. Meredith was in the same hospital as Peter and the doctors aren't sure as to how the two were in their comatose state.

Meredith could hear every thought in Peters head and she recorded every thought that she had heard and that is how the list manifested itself in her head.

It seemed like Meredith was the one who heard Peter's rant that he went on as he said he was going to take out all of the supernatural beings in beacon hills.

Peter's entire plan was embedded in Meredith's mind including the bones, and the bonds. Peter's entire plan is where the dead pool came from and as the entire story is revealed he lets go of Meredith and the Sheriff is now pointing the gun towards him. Malia and Stiles struggle at the lake house but it seems like Malia has found a way to hear something else other than the record player.

Stiles continues to check around and sees a wire leading to the wall.

He yanks on the wire and it begins to reveal something within the walls of the lake house. As they tear away the wall they find some kind of device to which Stiles says is the dead pool.

The action resides in the shelter as the pack fights off the assassins Scott unleashes his beast upon them and the entire fight is a full effort. Peter is now nervous and he is trying to talk his way out of the trouble he now finds himself in. Lydia then begins to talk some sense into the Sheriff and says that Meredith is still in control. Peter and the Sheriff are at a stand off and Peter continues to agitate the Sheriff who lets him go after listening to Lydia.

Stiles and Malia find a way to stop the device that seems to be the source that is fueling the dead pool. They contact Lydia and she says that she doesn't know anything about it.

She then remembers the wine stain on the floor in the lake house. They cannot locate the spot and she then realizes that the wine isn't wine.

Lydia tells Stiles he needs to find the bottle and when he breaks it there lies the key to the device. He rushes over to the device with the key in his hand and just as he does there is a strange light in the battle zone and the battle rages on. Scott and the rest of the pack continue to fight for the safety of themselves and the other victims but something stops him when he is about to kill one of the assassins.

The attackers receive a message which sends them leaving the scene and it seems like Stiles has stopped it. The message says that all targets have been eliminated turning the attackers away and stopping the dead pool.

Kira asks Scott if it is really over and Lydia attempts to comfort Meredith after everything has ended. Meredith says she heard Lydia scream and that's when she knew it was the right time to start over. She says that Peter is the alpha and he has always been the alpha.

She also tells Lydia that all supernatural beings are the cause of death but Lydia says that not all monsters do monstrous things.

When she tells Meredith that Scott doesn't do monstrous things something happens and Meredith says "oh god what have i done." Peter and Kate meet and it seems like the entire thing was part of Peter's larger plan all along.

Kate asks him if he wants to bail on the plan and he says not when he is that close to killing Scott.

For more Teen Wolf check out the after show, "Wolf Watch," following tonights episode. Also head over to MTV.com for all the latest cast interviews and tune in next Monday at 10PM to see what awaits the pack.