Teen Wolf "I.E.D." Recap, Season 4 Episode 5

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In "I.E.D." the thrilling fifth episode for the season, Lydia seeks help with her powers which seem to be overbearing at this point, while Stiles and Kira play in their first lacrosse game.

Yeah, you read right, Kira in a lacrosse game.

Last week's episode, "The Benefactor," contained many twists as well as the short but important introduction of two new characters that seem to be hunting all of the supernatural beings in town; the dead-pool.

Chris Argent also appeared and since then we have all been wondering if he will be the newest member to join the pack in their fight against the foes that seem to be rising in numbers.

The episode opens with a girl running through Beacon Hills she seems to have supernatural strength of some sort and one of her hands is cut off. She is being chased by the girl who killed the keg delivery man in last weeks episode and while hiding on the bus her eyes begin to glow showing that she is a werewolf.

The repeats the phrase "The Sun, the Moon, The Truth," as her hunter makes her way onto the bus she is hiding in; she is found and a fight ensues, just when she manages to get away a car pulls up and the new character from last week says "get in." She jumps in but the doors are locked and he stabs her in the heart killing her instantly.

Meanwhile, the pack is gathering all of the information they have about the dead-pool and putting it together in a map to figure out who will be next on the list. We learn that only part of the list has been decoded and the name that was used to break a third of the list was Allison.

The Sheriff is in the room with Stiles and Scott trying to figure out a way to get the key so that they can decode the rest of the list.

Lydia, Kira and Malia are at the lake house as Lydia is trying her best to find the key to decoding the rest of the list.

The Sheriff is baffled as to how many supernatural beings there actually are in Beacon Hills and Stiles and Scott tell him that the money that was stolen from the vault in episode 2, is being used to fund the assassination of all of the supernatural beings.

They are able to narrow the assassins down to the one who ordered the Keg for the party in last weeks episode and the two new assassins make their way down the hallways of Beacon Hills High.

Kira is confronted by her father about something she didn't tell them, she begins to rattle off about the dead-pool but he was actually talking about her joining the lacrosse team. Liam is in the gym lifting weights and his friend is talking to him about the strange things that has been going on but he is too distracted, that is until her learns that he will be facing his old school in the lacrosse match that night. His lacrosse stick is missing and he runs into Derek who seems to have found it, then Derek proceeds to break it.

The entire thing is an attempt to show Liam how much he needs to control his anger if he is going to be able to play.

Scott comes in just in time as Derek was holding Liam by the throat with no intention of hurting him of course.

Scott receives some encouraging words from Derek but he is too worried about everything else that is going on and it seems to be taking a toll on him. Malia is hovering over Lydia waiting to see if she will be able to find the code and just as she begins to write something Malia interrupts. Malia then says that maybe they need help from another banshee "Meredith," the girl that helped Stiles while he was in the psych ward last season.

Stiles continues his research in class but he is approached by the coach who interrupts him. The Interruption proves to be very helpful as they discover that the assassin is one of the players on the lacrosse team.

Stiles, Kira and Scott begin tearing part the locker room trying to figure out a way to find the assassin, but then they realize that they need to either find them or stop the game. The two assassins Violet and Garrett are concocting a mixture of wolfsbane that is very rare and expensive. They discuss why they are going after the Beta as they lace a weaponized lacrosse stick with the mixture.

Lydia explains to Malia how hard it is for her to concentrate and Liam shows some sportsmanship but it is not well received and Stiles and Scott have to rush in to save Liam from losing his cool and turning. Liam's old school have plans to break him on the field, and he explains to Scott and Stiles that he was on an anti-psychotic because he was diagnosed with I.E.D. They tell Liam that he should stay out of the game but instead he gives them information of who paid for the keg.

The episode intensifies as the pack now has a lead to where they can find the assassins that are hunting them down. Not too much has happened at this point which leads you to believe that the action is just about to begin.

Scott and Kira chat about the game and what is going on as Stiles tries to locate his dad who is supposed to be on hand incase something goes awry.

Meredith strolls into the Sheriff's station, she was brought in by the deputy and tells the Sheriff that she needs to speak to Lydia.

Interesting enough we also learn that Liam's best friend is attracted to the player on the opposing team who wants to destroy him.

Derek and Chris Argent are now working together to figure out how they can find Kate and stop her for committing anymore wrong. Chris says that he has somewhere that he can take her when they find her, but Derek asks him not to because Kate took something more, his powers.

Scott tries to convince coach not to let Liam into the game but that is a losing battle. The team takes the field and you can already tell it is going to be an epic battle.

The game begins and it already looks to be competitive, Kira, Scott, Stiles and Liam try to devise a plan to make it through the game. Scott tries to talk the other team down but they have no intention of letting up on torturing Liam for destroying the coaches car. Liam loses his cool at one point but Scott manages to keep him in check.

Sheriff instructs Lydia that she has 15 minutes with Meredith before he has to call the psych ward.

The deputy is included in the room with the supernatural beings, Lydia hands Meredith a phone and asks if she is going to answer, but she replies "it's not ringing." Kir scores her first goal but she is benched for not passing the ball.

Scott has a funny encounter with Garrett and it then dawns upon him that Garrett is the assassin. Meanwhile, back at the station, the deputy seems to be helping the situation as he is able to get Meredith to give them the number that she dials in order to seek help. She gives them the number but it doesn't have a correct number of digits.

Lydia pressures Meredith and she becomes anger and repeats "that's the number," the pack is clearly overlooking that the number could be the second code. Chris is approached by the Mexican hunter and is caught in a stand off.

Liam takes a hit and his bone is broken but his alpha, Scott, sets the bone then tells Liam that he is the one that Garrett is after. Malia and Lydia are contemplating what Meredith could have meant with the numbers, Malia then decides that the numbers might be a code and Lydia quickly transcribes and unlocks another third of the list.

The opposing player who was going against Liam happens to be the actual target that Violet and Garrett were after and violet finishes the job.

Lydia seems to be admired by the deputy. Scott rushes to find Liam's nemesis who was only the bait for Scott who manages to take care of Violet as Stiles comes in.

The Mexican hunter confronts Chris and says maybe they should stop hiring other people to do their work and do it themselves. Chris knows that he is now suppose to follow his code.

The twists and surprises never stop with "Teen Wolf," the writers and creators know just what to do to keep the viewers engaged and this episode like all of those before it is no exception.

Overall it isn't one of the greatest in terms of having action in almost every scene, but it sure manages to set the scene for some real action to come in future episodes.

For more Teen Wolf check out the after show, "Wolf Watch," following tonights episode. Also head over to MTV.com for all the latest cast interviews and tune in next Monday at 10PM to see what awaits the pack.