'Teen Mom 2' S5 E24 Recap: Adam Is Arrested Again

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On tonight's all new episode of MTV's "Teen Mom 2" Chelsea and Leah must deal with the legal system following the behavior of their exes, Jenelle starts to raise her second son, and Kailyn adjusts to life without Isaac for awhile.

Adam's trouble with law struck again tonight, as Chelsea (@ChelseaHouska) finds out he was arrested again. Chelsea is starting to hit a frustration level with Adam's behavior, which includes both his arrests and his girlfriends.

She wants to get a lawyer to edit Aubree's visitation schedule because of all of Adam's court dates that are looming in the future.

Her main issue is that she will always be involved in his troubles, even though they are not together.

Leah (@TM2LeahDawn) finally has her court date with Corey as they both battled for primary custody of their children and who would make the medical decisions. Unfortunately for Leah the judge was unable to come to a decision, and that future court hearings will happen after more information is gathered.

Leah and her lawyer are confident that she will get the outcome she wants and deserves.

Last week Kailyn (@KailLowry) and Javi said goodbye to Isaac for the summer, and they both adjusted to raising only Lincoln in the house.

Kailyn and Javi visit a school and seem happy with it, but complications arise in figuring out how to schedule their time and what to do with the kids.

Javi, Kailyn, and Lincoln go to the beach together and they discuss the sad possibility of Isaac wanting to live with Jo.

Jenelle (@PBandJenelley_1) and Nathan welcomed baby Kaiser to their family last week. Jace spent the night at Jenelle and Nathan's house.

Nathan stays up all night to take care of Kaiser while Jenelle and Jace sleep peacefully, making it a nice moment for the family.

Nathan believes that Jace should start living with them and Jenelle is getting mad at Barbara for seemingly taking over the role of his mother.

The season finale of "Teen Mom 2" airs Wednesday, Oct. 1st at 10 p.m on MTV.

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