Teen Mom 2 'Co-parenthood' Recap', S5 E23

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On tonight's new episode of MTV's "Teen Mom 2" Jenelle and Nathan welcomed another baby into the world, while Leah, Kailyn and Chelsea had co-parenting issues with the fathers of their kids.

Tonight Jenelle (@PBandJenelley_1) and Nathan welcomed the birth of Kaiser, who is Jenelle's second son but the couple's first child together; Nathan already has a daughter from a previous relationship. At 6 a.m.

her water broke and early that afternoon she gave birth to Kaiser. The next day Barbara, Jenelle's mom, brought Jace over to see the baby, and Barbara seemed impress at how well Jenelle and Nathan were co-parenting.

Kailyn (@KailLowry) had to say goodbye to Isaac as she let Jo take him for six weeks for summer visitation. With Isaac being gone Kailyn weighed different options on how to spend her time, and she decided to go back to school.

On the way to drop him off Kailyn warned she was going to lose it, and before they even reached Jo's place she started to break down about how things are going to be for Isaac.

And just as Kailyn predicted she cried a lot dropping him off with Jo, and the parents agreed its tough for Isaac to continously be going back and forth between their places

Leah (@TM2LeahDawn) and Corey continued their battle over custody and the childhood and medical payments, and she is doing her best to stay in control. Both Corey and Leah think they are right in their arguments against the other, and both have support from their partners in the fight.

Corey met with his lawyer, and they tried to find the best way to get Corey to become the primary parent.

Leah's lawyer told her that Corey wants full custody of the girls, that Leah would only get them on weekends, and that her and Jeremy would pay him child support.

This information seems to have pushed Leah and Jeremy to a tipping point and it looks like a battle looms on the horizon.

Chelsea's (@ChelseaHouska) issues with Adam and his ex-girlfriend Taylor heat up as Taylor got too involved with Aubree, Chelsea and Adam's daughter. Taylor just wanted to develop some sort of relationship with Chelsea for the sake of Aubree and Adam's other daughter Paislee.

Adam and Taylor showed up to another one of Aubree's softball games, which again frustrated Chelsea.

The next episode of "Teen Mom 2" airs Wednesday Sept. 24th at 10 p.m. on MTV. For more information and exclusive content from the show visit mtv.com

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