Teen Mom 2 'Cabin Fever' Recap, Season 5, Ep 21, Lawyers, Arguments, Meltdowns, Vacations, and Homecomings

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Tonight on an all new episode of MTV's "Teen Mom 2" viewers saw the tension and drama rise in the personal lives of former teen mothers Jenelle, Chelsea, Leah, and Kailyn.

Chelsea (@ChelseaHouska)
Adam's behavior has continued to bother Chelsea, especially when Aubree is with him. One of her concerns is that he is bringing around new girls in front her daughter on a regular basis, and how that is affecting Aubree. Because her daughter is with Adam for the weekend, she is using the free time to get away and go to her cabin with some friends. Meanwhile, Adam and Aubree visit the zoo with friends, and the two of them ride a camel.

Adam claims he, "isn't here to please anyone but his kids." His girlfriend and his friends appear to be on his side when it comes to the issues involving him and Chelsea. While fishing at the cabin with friends Chelsea claims that it would be nice if she had a boyfriend, she says that she doesn't want to give up time with Aubree to start dating someone.

Chelsea and her friend go out drinking at a bar and she seems happy to be able to get away and have fun.

Jenelle (@PBandJenelley_1)
Jenelle and Nathan's arguments versus Barabara continue, where Barbara claims the two of them need to grow up, especially with another baby on the way. Another of her main concerns is Jace, Jenelle's son, whose bad behavior continues to cause problems. Jenelle and Barbara get some alone time together while Nathan babysits, and the two talk about how Jenelle is still waiting on Courtland to file the divorce papers, and she clearly is getting frustrated with him. The mother and daughter go to a spa to treat themselves, and it is a nice change from the constant arguing between the two.

However despite the pampering, discussions arise over who should have custody of Jace, and Barbara tells her that she has noticed that her daughter has seemed to grow up recently. After meeting with a lawyer Jenelle learns that she is officially divorced from Courtland and that she can retain her maiden name and maintain custody of the child she is currently pregnant with, who is deal in three weeks.

Nathan, excited over Jenelle's recent divorce, says he can't wait to marry Jennelle, but she says they need to do it right and get engaged first.

The chemistry between the couple has increased, with less fighting, and Barbara agrees to let them have Jace for the weekend.

However the mother and daughter have another heated argument about Jace's behavior, which has become a common theme in every episode.

Kailyn (@KailLowry)
With Javi gone at military training, Kailyn has been struggling to raise her two sons by herself. Isaac, her first born son, has been especially tough for her to deal with while Javi is gone. Javi is coming home, and she feared that she will be late picking him up at the airport because Isaac and Lincoln has a, "meltdown." Upon arriving at the airport Kailyn and Javi are ecstatic to see each other, while the boys are asleep in the back seat.

Kailyn tries using Isaac's toy coin jar to help his behavior, saying that if he is good they will add to it, but if he is bad they will take away from it.

It is clear that both Kailyn and Isaac are very happy and relieved that Javi is home.

Leah (@TM2LeahDawn)
In the beginning of the episode Leah and Jeremy were looking at apartments, and one of the struggles with that is having a place that is accessible to Ali's wheelchair. Financial issues are becoming a struggle with her, too. None of Ali's medical bills have been paid, and Corey hasn't been helping enough with child support or the bills.

Heated arguments happen on a regular basis between Leah and her ex-husband, and Leah says that is she going to get a lawyer to get it all worked out. The stress of raising their kids essentially by herself clearly has taken a strong toll on her.

After meeting with the lawyer she says that they will make Corey contribute more to child support and medical bills, and that she will be able to get medical custody of Ali.

Leah, Chelsea, Jenelle, and Kailyn were the four girls featured in the second season of MTV's "16 and Pregnant." The next episode of Teen Mom 2 airs Wednesday at 9 p.m.

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