Ted Danson Visits The Ellen Show

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Ted Danson is the star of a new NBC TV series, The Good Place alongside Kristen Bell. The legendary comedian visited The Ellen Show to chat about the new film and his grandkids.

DeGeneres introduced Danson and complimented him on how good he looked. Danson's birthday is December 29th and didn't like that the presents were combined.

The 69-year-old said his age depends on how you divide it up. His joints remind him that he is 69 but other parts of him make him feel like 13.

Danson slipped on on Ellen's name by calling her Helen, however, he remembered his wife's name and raved about how great their time together is.

The star hadn't been on The Ellen Show since four years ago and had a ton of pride in his voice when talking about his grandkids.

Danson said that he actually lives in a house that DeGeneres had built and his grandkids spend a lot of time there.

You can hear all about Danson's family and life in The Ellen Show video below. You can catch Danson in The Good Place at 8:30PM EST on NBC.

Ted Danson Visits The Ellen Show