Target Supervisor Gives '300' Spartan Speech Before Black Friday

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This Target supervisor is clearly a big fan of the film "300" as he gives his employees the Spartan-Target speech before doors opened last Black Friday.

This season was filled with so-called deals and steals, companies rushed to get things in order before the madness that is "Black Friday" commenced. While some supervisors may continue to push their employees and do a little fine tuning before the doors open, this supervisor chose to take the other route.

He broke out into his best Leonidas interpretation from the film "300" and it was completely awesome.

He did switch the words to suit his staff and the threat they faced, all of the wild people outside the doors just waiting to rush in, trampling on each other to get that 50 inch TV for $199.

"Our target pre black friday doorbuster opening pep talk #scot from target," read the caption of the video that has 225,314 views since it's post on November 27.

It looked to be a great way to get your employees in a better spirit rather than having them dread the doors opening and people trampling one another. Check out the video below.

Target Black Friday "300" Speech