Tan Mom's Husband Rich Krentcil Visits the Howard Stern Show

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There was total chaos on the Howard Stern SiriusXM radio show and much of it surrounded Stern Show Wack Packer, Tan Mom.

Her husband Rich Krentcil visited the show and it doesn't appear that the two are on the same page at all.

When Rich was brought on to the show, he immediately began talking about how dramatic Tan Mom was, according to MarksFriggin's rundown.

Both Rich and Tan Mom seemed to have very differing accounts on their marriage.

Rich says that he still loves Tan Mom and that they have had intercourse in the past two weeks, however, when the crew brought Tan Mom in, she didn't waste time calling her husband a liar.

Tan Mom argued that the two of them don't sleep in the same bed and that they hadn't had intercourse since six months ago. Stern continued to ask the two personal questions about their love-life and their responses continued to differ. The discussion turned into why she and Rich aren't together anymore.

Tan Mom said while she stood by him when he lost his job, things were better when he was making the big bucks. Stern just asked Tan Mom to be a little nicer to Rich and to give him a hug later on.

the entire segment was utter chaos, however, it was pretty hilarious for Stern Show listeners.