Is Tan Mom Quitting the Howard Stern Show?

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It looks like there is a chance that Howard Stern SiriusXM radio show fans might not be seeing or hearing from her on the show in some time. The Stern Show reported that Tan Mom a.k.a.

Patricia Krentcil, has quit the show. Or has she?

"Howard said that Tan Mom is quitting the show. Howard said he has a voicemail they received the other day," according to MarksFriggin.

"Howard played the clip and Tan Mom said there are a lot of things that people are using her on and she can't stand it.

She said that she's sick of people saying that she's going out with Sal. She said she can't take it."

Stern told his listeners that Tan Mom has quit two more times since the voicemail he had just played for them. He told listeners that even though she quits, she still wants the show to call her back.

Shuli Egar said that this is nothing new for Tan Mom.

They also talked about a photo that Krentcil tweeted of her breasts as she claimed that she was "so stressed." There hasn't been any definitive statements regarding her status on the show but some fans look to have had enough.