Take a Tour of the 'Pizza Farm With Nick Offerman'

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The American Heart Association has come out with a new video in order to spread the word about protecting healthy school lunches. This time they've used satirical genius, Nick Offerman, to show us around his pizza farm.

American Heart Association teamed up with Funny or Die in order to make this video. It was made in response to the Congress debate on healthy school lunches.

They want people to send messages to their state representatives about their stance on the debate. Offerman plays David Frances, the owner of a pizza farm.

Offerman takes the viewer on tour of his farm. He shows off particular plants like the fish stick bush, taquitos tree, and sloppy joe field.

The fantasy world is broken through a couple of times, like when the little girl hurts herself biting into a taquitos because her teeth are soft.

As well as at the end when the camera catches a worker stapling the fish sticks to a bush. Offerman covers it over with a funny joke about how all plant-based foods are healthy, doesn't matter how they got there.

Pizza Farm with Nick Offerman