Alexx Calise: Artist Interview

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Meet Alexx Calise, guitarist and songwriter with an edge. Her sound carries the stories of relationships and tough situations and creates something listeners can relate to.

Calise's music has appeared on shows such as "Dance Moms" (Lifetime), "Dance Moms: Miami" (Lifetime), "Last Call With Carson Daly" (NBC), "The Voice" (NBC), Audrina" (Vh1), "Tough Love" (Vh1), "NY Ink" (TLC), "Next" (MTV), "10 on Top" (MTV), "One Tree Hill" (CW), "Texas Women" (CMT) and in the upcoming feature film, "LA, I Hate You" starring Malcolm McDowell and William Forsythe.

Calise gives Empty Lighthouse a little insight on how she got her start and where she intends to take her career.

Starting out small like every artist, she intends to make a huge impact and is off to the right start.

How did you first start your music career?

I first started off much like most artists do, appearing in local talent shows and playing around my hometown of Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. My first real band, Wakestate in particular really taught me a lot about the business and gave me the live experience that's critical for every performing musician.

We played a ton of shows and we were always in my garage practicing, so that really helped to build my chops. When the band eventually dissolved, I started pursuing my solo career, and that's when "Morning Pill" came about.

The rest is history I suppose.

What was it like having your music appear on some of the hottest shows?

It's equally awesome and surreal.

Sometimes, I'll be watching TV when I hear one of my songs, and it always kind of blows me away, like "did I actually just hear that? No, that can't be..." It's a hard one to get used to, but hey, I'll take it! Ha, ha.

How were you approached by the producers of "Dance Moms"?

John Corella, the exec producer of "Dance Moms" was looking for a ballad to use for Maddie Ziegler's solo dance on an episode of "Dance Moms", and he stumbled across my song "Cry" when he was browsing through my licensing agency, Jingle Punks' catalog.

Since that time, I've become very good friends with the DM camp, and they've been nice enough to use several of my songs in most every season of DM and their sister shows, "Dance Moms: Miami" and "Abby's Ultimate Dance Competition".

Where do you intend on taking the success you have gained ever further?

I know it may sound like an impossibility, but my goal is to be a bit of an entertainment mogul.

I'd like to have my hands in a bunch of things.

Obviously, I want to continue being a performing artist and songwriter, but I have other interests/ideas that I'd love to explore and develop as well, like starting a label/licensing agency, franchising my already existing kids party business, acting in major films, and much, much more.

What artists are you listening to currently?

I have been digging into a lot of Lana Del Rey, Sam Smith, Imagine Dragons, and then my usual fare of nineties and classic rock.

"Morning Pill" was released in 2007, how far do you think you've come since then?

I think my musical and personal growth has been exponential in that I was just a kid when I recorded Morning Pill, and now I'm a 29 year old woman. Experience really is the best teacher.

Over the past few years, I've really taken the time and energy to get to know my instrument intimately, I've honed in my songwriting, and I've learned how to sustain myself as a musician, which isn't easy.

In 2007, I didn't anticipate that I'd have over a million hits on any of my music videos, or placements like I've had on TV. It's an awesome feeling, but it hasn't been without a lot of hard work and blood, sweat and tears.

What inspires you to make the music you make?

I'm inspired mostly by past experiences and the self. As an artist, I'm naturally self-loathing and tortured, ha, ha.

You can get a ton of material from that right there! I've also had a bunch of really bad relationships (and a few good ones...), and those provide some great writing fuel.

Essentially, the more your life feels like it's falling apart, the better the quality of your writing!

We know that in 2012 you released an album, but what are your upcoming plans? Any albums or EP's in the near future?

Absolutely! I have a new one that will be releasing this year, but I don't want to say too much yet. It's top secret!

What messages do you hope to send with your music?

As an artist, I can only hope that my music will make an impact of any kind to listeners.

I write from life and past experience, and if someone can take that and relate to it or get something positive out of it, that's all I can ever hope for.

Thank you all so very much for your support, and keep checking back for updates! Rock on!