T-Pain Sings Without Autotune: Authentic

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R&B artist T-Pain is much criticized for his use of autotune in almost every song he has made over the years.

To prove that he really does have a great voice without it he plays a small room who enjoy his voice without autotune rendition of some of his hits.

(Video Below)

T-Pain starts the NPR Music performance with his popular hit, "Buy You A Drank" which is accompanied by a smoother tone with just a keyboard.

He displays his range pretty well and when he asks the crowd if it's good there is one woman who exclaims, "oh my god, yes." He is surprisingly amused by her answer and the entire room cheers for him as he continued.

After the first hit even T-Pain himself admitted that it was, "weird as hell," without the autotune.

The popular use of autotune has caused a lot of debate in the music industry about the authenticity of an artist and the music they make.

It is arguable that autotune may be a way for someone with mediocre talent to become a bigger artist, however, T-Pain proves that notion wrong for himself as he performs without it.

The performance had many humorous points as some of his lyrics sang in a smoother notion make for some pretty funny R&B. The video is a nice display of his original talent and fans may not be mad if he did decide to put out an album without using the autotune.

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