The Sweetest Little Sneezer Wants to be Just Like Mom

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We all have our own signature sneezes.

Some are funny, some are loud and some are even adorable. The video below represents the latter of the three as one little on wants to me just like her mother and learns to sneeze the proper way.

(Video Below)

"My wife has terrible allergies and every once in a while, she'll have a day full of sneezing," said Jesse Ad in the caption of his YouTube video.

"Apparently, my daughter Isabella wants to make mommy proud and follow in her footsteps. She's even perfected the build up to the actual sneeze!"

In the video, little Isabella demonstrates the proper way to sneeze. Funny enough, Isabella knows that if you're having a sneeze attack you might want to keep a napkin or handkerchief nearby.

The person capturing the video can't help but laugh at little Isabella and finally she receives a "bless you," towards the end of the video.

Kids will honestly mimic anything their parents do, which just goes to show that you should always be cautious of your actions around them. You can check out this awesome video below.

Check out the video below.