'Sweet 15: Quinceanera' Review: Is It Worth Watching? (Clips)

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Tonight was the premiere episode of TLC's new show, Sweet 15, Quincinera. Will it be any good? Will it be different from My Super Sweet 16 or any of the million other similar shows?

We're introduced to the high-paced life of the quinceanera business when we meet, Jarling, Alexis and Daniella. They're all family (Alexis and Daniella are married while Jarling is their cousin) and run "Bella Quinces" a party company that organizes what seems to be all of the quinceaneras in Miami.

It appears they never get a chance to rest since once they've pulled off one quinceanera, it's onto the next one.

Here's a preview:

Jarling tells us about the decadent world of quinceaneras today. It's not a just another party.

This rite of passage involves various rituals, which includes a grand entrance, a slipper-to-heel ceremony, a father-daughter dance, the right dress and even a music video featuring the young star of the party.

Alexis talks about how hard his parents worked to build the business that he and Daniella have inherited. The business began in Puerto Rico, but when Alexis's father was diagnosed with Parkinsons' disease, Alexis took it over.

It's clear that to Alexis, his role as the owner of "Bella Quinces" means more than simply running a successful business.

When a client named Yolanda and her mother come to the store because an online purchase of a dress turned out to be a bad decision, Alexis decides to give away a beautiful quinceanera dress to Yolanda because he recognizes the need to support people in the community who can't afford things.

Still, the over-the-top and excessive nature of the clientele becomes apparent when Alexis, Daniella and Jarling head to a photo shoot in which a young client, Anna Marie, does a photo shoot for her invitations under water.

She proceeds to get decked out in a beautiful dress with professional makeup only to plunge into a pool to get the right promo shot. Talk about a waste of a dress!

At Anna Marie's quinceanera, things seem to be going smoothly until one of her guests collapses. The ambulance quickly arrives and Anna Marie is reassured that her friend is going to be okay.

But it's clear how quickly things can go off course despite all of the rigorous planning that goes into a quinceanera.

Here's a clip of the quincinera being saved:

So, it turns out, there weren't any entitled kids making excessive demands of their parents or Alexis and Daniella this time.

But we find it hard to believe that we're not going to meet at least one really spoiled teen. Stay tuned!