Sutton Foster's Real Life Mimics Millennial Role in 'Younger'

Empty Lighthouse is a reader-supported site. This article may contain affiliate links to Amazon and other sites. We earn a commission on purchases made through these links.'s always hard to tell where a celebrity's screen life stops and their real life takes off. And nowadays, with countless paparazzi shots, numerous social media accounts and tweets coming from a star day and night, celebrities are more accessible than ever.

Sutton Foster plays the role of 26 year-old Liza on TV Land's "Younger," which is now in its third season.

Not only have we been surprised and impressed at how well Sutton Foster, who is actually 41 in real life, resembles a 26 year-old on screen, but also, how much her actual life seems to mimic that of any typical 26 year old off screen.

Read on to find out why!

Exhibit A: Sutton Foster's Makeup-Less Selfie

It's a well known fact that as you age, your skin takes a hit. Which explains why you don't tend to see all too many makeup-less selfies as stars age.

Makeup-less selfies are definitely an embarrassment of riches among celebrities in their 20s.

But we present you with exhibit A - Sutton Foster as she wakes up in the morning, without a stitch of makeup on. And while we can certainly see her freckles, this mug appears wrinkle free.

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Exhibit B: Sutton Foster's Night In With McDonald's and Her Puppies

When you're in your 20s, you have the privilege of staying in and spending time with your pets. Why show off your glamorous life out, when it's assumed that you'll have something to do. Naturally, you're in your 20s! Not to mention that eating a diet low in saturated fats doesn't have to be a priority.

You've got your 40s to worry about plugging up your coronary arteries. And then there's Sutton Foster. Which brings us to Exhibit B: Sutton Foster's night at home with her dogs and McDonald's.

Exhibit C: Sutton Foster's Use of Snapchat

Snapchat filters are all the rage these days but it definitely takes a confidant woman to want to use one on your own mug.

And that's especially true, when the filter distorts your face to the point that you're definitely a less attractive version of yourself.

Snapchat is definitely popular among millennials - all the more reason why we're going to have to attribute Sutton Foster's use of this social media application as another nod to being younger than she is.

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