'Superstore' Recap: Season 2, Episode 1 - Strikes and Strife (Watch)

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Superstore was a surprise hit in its first season and now NBC is betting that the comedy about the trials and tribulations of a group of employees at a fictional discount retailer will continue to bring in captivated audiences.

Well, did NBC succeed in this bet? We're here to fill you in on all the details of the premiere episode so that you can decide for yourself.

In the riveting finale, all of Cloud 9's employees of Superstore staged a walk-out because Glenn got fired.

In the first few minutes of the episode, Amy and Jonah discuss whether their walk-out was in fact a strike. Everyone's not quite sure what to do with themselves either now that Dina has confronted them.

Meanwhile, Dina is greeted by a Cloud 9 district manager, Jeff, who requests a meeting with Amy and Jonah. Amy and Jonah agree to speak with Jeff but brainstorm asking for more than simply Glenn's job. In a hilarious moment, Amy and Jonah change outfits to feel more powerful in their meeting.

However, once Amy and Jonah meet with Jeff they quickly learn that they don't even have to negotiate Glenn's job. Corporate has reportedly decided to give Glenn's job back but wants Amy and Jonah to sign an apology letter.

This winds up riling up Amy who decides to demand the benefits she knows that they Cloud 9 employees deserve.

The scene ends with Amy and Jonah telling their co-workers that they're still on strike and trying to motivate them to maintain the strike.

The next day, everyone shows up to the parking lot to go on strike. In response, Dina and Jeff discuss how to end the strike. Dina has a few ideas on how to physically attack the group.

Still, Mateo can't keep himself from running into the store and helping a customer. Soon, Dina shows up in the parking lot and threatens to hose everyone but ends in barely getting anyone wet.

However, Amy's interview with the local news goes badly when some unrelated protesters make the conflict out to be about something other than worker's rights.

It's not long before the strike begins to wind down and Amy and Jonah feel disappointed with the effect of the strike on consumers coming into the store. So they conspire to keep shoppers from making purchases.

But it still feels like the world is against them when employees from the Kirkwood branch are brought in as replacements.

It feels as if Jonah and Amy are beginning to lose when Jeff addresses the strikers and tells them that anyone who wants their job back can have it back as long as they sign the apology letter. Several employees head back to the store. Sandra heads back.

Eventually, even Mateo wants to return to the store. Although Amy and Jonah head back to the store themselves they resolve to continue fighting for benefits for Cloud 9 employees.

And that's it for the premiere of "Superstore." Definitely had some laugh out loud moments.

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