Supergirl Season 2 Episode 21 Review/Recap: National City Is Invaded

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Supergirl episode 21 of Season 2 was an awesome episode with high production values that rivals that of a Hollywood movie.

Queen Rhea has invaded National City and wants to make Earth "New Daxam". This episode also sees the return of Cat Grant plus other characters that are here to help Supergirl take down Queen Rhea.

Before the good guys can blow up Rhea's spaceship with a powerful cannon, they need to rescue Lena Luthor and Mon El. Rhea wants Mon El and Lena Luthor to marry so that she can have an heir.

She also wants them to rule New Daxam. The two don't want to go through with it, but they have to because Rhea will blow up children's hospitals. Rhea might be one of the most evil characters in TV today!

Due to Lena Luthor being kidnapped, Lillian Luthor returns with Cyborg Superman (the real Hank Henshaw) by her side to help the heroes. Alex Danvers has been named as head of the D.E.O. with Martian Manhunter being incapacitated. It's disappointing Martian Manhunter was not in this episode, but I guess they wrote him out because he's too overpowered.

It was nice to see the returns of both Cat Grant (Calista Flockhart) and U.S. President Olivia Marsdin (Lynda Carter). Cat Grant was basically used as an inspiration tool as she motivated both Supergirl and the citizens of National City to fight back against Rhea and her Kylo Ren looking soldiers.

Olivia Marsdin had to reveal her true identity as an alien after Rhea shoots down her plane.

She didn't have much of a role, but she just wants to make sure Rhea is dead.

She was adamant that Alex uses a powerful cannon to shoot down Rhea's ship even if Supergirl, Mon El and Lena Luthor are still on board.

Anyway thanks to Lillian Luthor's help, Supergirl is able beam herself onto Rhea's ship to try and save Mon El and Lena Luthor.

This episode had lots of cool action as Supergirl and her mates manage to fight off many of Rhea's soldiers. Most of them looked like the aforementioned Kylo Ren which was pretty funny to me.

Lillian Luthor ends up double crossing Mon El and Supergirl once she finds Lena Luthor. Supergirl and Mon El are trapped, but Supergirl made sure to get a backup plan.

She knew Lillian would backstab her so she put a chip inside Cyborg Superman to control him. Mon El escapes, but Supergirl stays on board. She still wants to convince Queen Rhea to be good again.

As Alex is about to shoot the laser towards the ship, someone destroys it. Rhea doesn't want to listen to Supergirl's plea and admits that she killed her husband. The shocking climax of the episode sees Superman punching Supergirl.

Somehow Rhea has Superman under her spell. It will be Superman vs. Supergirl next week in the season finale! Superman was the one that destroyed the laser cannon.

Overall, this episode may have been the best one to date. It had lots of action and it was great to see so many familiar faces returning.

The only disappointing aspect was how Martian Manhunter was left incapacitated and Mon El still doesn't seem useful yet. Hopefully in Season 3, Mon El becomes more of a hero.

Anyway, I'm looking forward to seeing Superman and Supergirl fighting next week. It should be an epic showdown between the two cousins. Superman isn't the only famous character appearing next week as other surprises are in store for us too.

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