'Supergirl' Recap:'Welcome to Earth,' Season 2 Episode 3

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Last week, CW's "Supergirl" ended with our beloved hero being strangled by a recently awaken Kryptonian.

Will he be a friend or a foe when a battle between aliens and humans arises in "Welcome to Earth," the third episode of the second season.

An attack on the president launches an aliens vs. humans debate that splits National City in two.

Kara worries that Mon-El, the recent escapee from the DEO's medical wing, is behind the attack. Supergirl and Alex are assigned to protect the president.

The man seems surprised of his own abilities as he battles his way out of the DEO. Hank and Alex don't believe that the president showed sign a bill that allows any aliens in America to live in freedom. Jimmy is trying to start off his first day by running things the way Cat did.

Snapper ends up taking over and hands out the assignments. Kara must get assigned to interview Lena Luthor.

As the president makes her way from the airport, fireballs are hurled at here. While Supergirl was unable to see the attacker, she was able to keep the president safe.

Alex notes that the fireballs are actually heat-lasers. Alex gets into a pissing contest with the city's leading detective of supernatural crime. While interviewing Lena, she shows Kara a new device that will tell humans and aliens apart. Kara hits the device with ice vision so that it malfunctions when she touches it.

Winn has found the missing Kryptonian. Alex takes a team to storm his hideout. The only person there is the detective from earlier. There missing man is only looking to go home.

Kara is upset that Alex went without her. Her apology isn't that sincere when she gets a call from Ms. Hottie Detective. Kara gets reprimanded by Snapper because her report on Lena is overtly biased.

Maggie takes Alex to a dive bar filled with aliens. She gets information about what the lost man might be searching for.

She rushes back to the DEO and asks Winn to find any deep space transmissions.

The man is not a Kryptonian, instead he hails from the planet Daxam. Supergirl rushes to his location and it's clear she is no longer into helping him.

Kara's prejudices against Daxam clouds her judgment while she interrogates the prisoner. He obviously wasn't the one who tried to kill the president. She doesn't tell him that Daxam is no more.

Secure that they've caught the attacker, the president makes a public signing about her Alien Amnesty act.

As she signs, a bolt of fire burns the paper. After a brief scuffle, the president is safely escorted away and Fire Eyes snatches Maggie before vanishing.

Supergirl feels guilty for being blinded by her hatred. Alex goes back to the dive for information and leaves with a pretty good lead.

She and Supergirl go in together but her flame seems to be too much for them to handle.

Kara ends up creating a wind vacuum that extinguishes her flame. Red-Hot tries to make a grab for the gun but Maggie gets to it first and knocks her out.

Jimmy asserts his dominance by rewriting Snappers article and not backing down when he confronts him. Alex gives Maggie the DEO tour. Somebody has a crush. Kara faces up to her mistakes and releases the Daxam from his cell with an apology and an introduction, his name is Mon-El.

Unfortunately, she has to inform him that Kyrpton's destruction turned Daxam into an inhabitable wasteland. The DEO says goodbye to madam president, who is an alien herself.

J'onn visits the dive bar in his true form. The bar tender seems startled to see him because she is a Martian as well. More correctly she's Megan Morezz

"Welcome to Earth" certainly adds more tension to the season. With the increase in focus on the humans vs.

aliens debate this is sure to be pulling Kara in different directions. Watch "Supergirl" Mondays at 8pm or, if you miss it, watch directly on the CW site.

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