Awesome 3-Year-Old Knows the Geography of Africa

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It's safe to say that even some of the folks who live in a country aren't aware of it's geography, let alone another country.

Well, in this video, a 3-year-old puts everyone to shame as he knows the geography of Africa simply by looking at a blank map of the continent.

(Video Below)

The video was originally posted to the Tony Kroukamp YouTube Channel and shows 3-year-old Max rattling off names to countries while his father points them out on the map.

The video then surfaced on to Reddit, where it is bound to become a viral sensation.

It's pretty impressive to see someone so young already take notice to a map of an entire continent and have the ability to memorize the countries.

It's always great to see when younger kids are able to learn and recite what they learn with the proper motivation. Kudos to the dad who inspired this one because it's simply awesome.

It's not very often you come across something like this but when you do there is just no getting past how awesome kids can be.

You can check out the video of little Max schooling us all in some African geography, the only question we have is, "what's the next continent for him to conquer?"

3-year-old Max schools us in African Geography