Sum 41: Overcoming the Worst, Preparing for a Comeback

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The career of Canadian punk band Sum 41 has been nothing but a crazy rollercoaster ride ever since the band's formation back in the 90's.

Whether it involved the band as a whole or was a personal issue a member himself was handling, the guys are ready to have a fresh start with hopes that their fans will be as committed as they are.

Over the years, the band has dealt with what many bands face: replacements and losing members.
For those used to seeing lead singer/founding member Deryck Whibley as Sum's front man, it may come as a "Really, since when!?" surprise to learn that he's not the original lead singer.

Jon Marshall started off until the band's producer and manager, Greig Nori, advised Deryck he had what it took to be vocalist, resulting in Marshall's end with Sum 41.

Aside from Marshall, bass player Richard Roy was a part of Sum up until a near-death car accident the band got in, which resulted in Roy's departure. Jason "Cone" McCaslin filled his shoes. Original member Dave "Brownsound" Baksh was the band's lead guitarist until 2006.

Between issues at home and feeling as though nothing was heading in the right direction, Baksh decided to resign. Tom Thacker, former member of the band Gob, took his place.

Drummer Steve "Stevo" Jocz had his last appearance with Sum 41 in 2013.

At young ages, the guys were partying all the time, surrounded by a lot of booze and a lot of drugs. They had been exposed to a world they were unfamiliar with, but soon became acquainted with.

Through their partying, they made friends with names such as Fat Mike of NOFX and Motley Crue drummer Tommy Lee.

As if their lives weren't crazy enough, the band took a trip to the Democratic Republic of Congo, where they filmed a documentary titled Rocked: Sum 41 in Congo. They went during a ceasefire, but found themselves caught in the middle of an unexpected escalation of violence (which can be seen on the documentary).

Although the danger was happening right outside of their hotel, explosives and shootings, none of them got hurt. Deryck also ended up having a falling out with Greig Nori, which eventually led to Nori's termination.

As the old adage goes, things have to get worse before they can get better. Deryck himself was faced with physical injuries to his back, a divorce from Canadian pop singer Avril Lavigne, as well as his own near-death experience caused from excessive amounts of drinking. Not knowing another way to deal with the difficult goings on in his life, Deryck would turn to alcohol.

He ended up in the hospital where his health was in critical condition, worrying his bandmates and even scaring himself. After being released from the hospital, Deryck headed down the path of getting sober.

Deryck even told People Magazine that he is committed to remaining sober and feels better than he has ever felt.

For longtime fans of Sum 41, the guys are being given another second chance. In an interview with Alternative Press Magazine, both Cone and Baksh had revealed their interest in rejoining Deryck to bring Sum 41 back to life. Deryck expressed his determination to start playing shows again.

They will be making an appearance at this year's AP Music Awards in Ohio, the band's first live show in two years. The singer also advised he has been working on new material.

Despite all the hills they've had to climb, Sum 41 is ready to bring fans back with songs like "Fat Lip" as well as create something listeners will hear and think, "That's the Sum 41 we all know and love."