Student Trolls School Administrators As TransSpecies Penguin

This is glorious. A student who identifies as a penguin takes on his school's administration to fight for his right to be who he is! LET THE BOY BE A PENGUIN.

The penguin in question was approached by two administrators who wanted to "decapitate" the penguin. For what we assume to be legal reasons, Penguin Boy recorded the entire interaction.

"I feel like I'm being singled out against everyone else, because other people are allowed to wear their head gear, and this is just me expressing who I am," Penguin Boy said.

"I feel like you guys are trying to discriminate against people who identify as different species."

They are asking him to remove his penguin hood, but Penguin Boy states that he doesn't feel comfortable without it on. It upsets him. The administrators decided, then, to call Mom.

Like THAT can stop Penguin Boy. He laid down the Georgia laws for discrimination, whereas the school administrators are not allowed to discriminate against someone for who they are.

"I identify as a penguin, and this is me as a penguin," he argued. "This isn't a hood, this is my penguin head. You can't tell me not to be a penguin."

This kid did a genius job, and even got to the point where he asked if he could go outside to use the bathroom in order to feel more like a penguin.

"Can we put a tree in the bathroom, or maybe like, the clinic bathroom?"

Unfortunately, once Mom came in, it was decided that he would not wear the hood while at school. However, he asked if he could start a TransSpecies club called the "Zoo Crew"

Watch the full video with his administrators here: